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Red game names need game help/summaries written for them. Help out and write one by selecting a (page does not exist) link below which will allow you to create the page. Wiki formatting is a collection of unofficial tips on how to make wiki pages display well on

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About available games and their content

Games are games and it's all up to publishers to make them relevant or accurate to history, or not.

We're focusing on game play and rules. We're not history books, nor an accurate source for anything related to real things.

BGA is against any bad behaviours on real people, and will never EVER join, talk or expose about anything about themes, history or politics.

Also please note that they're also a source to motivate talks, reflection, exchange and viewpoints about history and education anywhere else.

We're a gaming platform, we welcome everyone and do efforts daily to make this place a nice place to play nice games with nice people.