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He was safe in his choice, for he knew
that the lady was in number two.
When he burst through her door,
he found out by the roar,
that tigers can be ladies too.

--Tom Lang


To win, be the first player to earn 10 gems. Gems are earned by guessing your opponent’s identity, being guessed incorrectly, or scoring a set of cards which match your identity.


One player is the Collector, the other player is the Guesser.

Each player is secretly dealt one of 4 identity cards: Red Lady, Blue Lady, Red Tiger, or Blue Tiger.

The Collector goes first.


Choose one card.

If you have a set of 4 cards matching your identity, reveal your Role and score 6 gems.

(Example: If you are the Red Lady, you will score 6 gems upon acquiring either 4 Red cards or 4 Ladies.)


Discard one card from the display.

You may then: (a) Guess your opponent's identity. (b) Match a set. (c) Pass.

(You may choose to guess or match a set before discarding.)


You may guess Color or Role or both,

  • Guess Color or Role: 1 gem
  • Guess Color and Role: 5 gems
  • Guess incorrectly: Collector scores 4 gems

Match a set

You may match a set from the Collector's cards. If the Collector has a set of four cards matching either your Color or your Role, you may reveal your identity and score 2 gems.

(Example: You are the Blue Tiger. If the Collector has collected either 4 blue cards or 4 Tigers, you may reveal your identity and score 2 gems.)


Play passes to the Collector.

If the Deck runs out, the Guesser scores 3 gems.

Score Summary

Collector scores 6 gems for 4 matching cards they play of one of the attributes i.e. 4 colour or 4 beings, 4 gems for guesser guessing incorrectly

Guesser scores 5 gems for guessing correctly all elements, 1 gem for guessing correctly 1 element (if only guessing 1 element), 2 gems for matching their card with 4 of the collector's played ones, 3 gems for letting the deck run out

Contest End

Each Contest (round) ends when either player scores gems. A new Contest begins, and each player is given a new identity.

Game End

The first player to score 10 gems wins!