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30 September 2023

     10:29  Help‎‎ 6 changes history +85 [VenthTheTenth‎ (6×)]
10:29 (cur | prev) +1 VenthTheTenth talk contribs (→‎Games: Dice Hospital ER: Emergency Roll is no longer in beta.)
10:17 (cur | prev) 0 VenthTheTenth talk contribs (→‎Games: Aves is in beta.)
10:06 (cur | prev) 0 VenthTheTenth talk contribs (→‎Games: Anachrony is no longer in beta.)
10:04 (cur | prev) 0 VenthTheTenth talk contribs (→‎Games: Age of Champagne is no longer in beta.)
09:59 (cur | prev) +45 VenthTheTenth talk contribs (→‎Games: Add My City: Roll & Build (in beta, and no wiki page yet).)
09:54 (cur | prev) +39 VenthTheTenth talk contribs (→‎Games: Add Stupor Mundi (in beta).)
 m   07:24  Gamehelpyatzy diffhist −6 Ufm talk contribs (→‎Upper section) Tag: Visual edit
     04:59  Tips yatzy‎‎ 2 changes history +6 [Youngathearttx‎ (2×)]
04:59 (cur | prev) +1 Youngathearttx talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
04:58 (cur | prev) +5 Youngathearttx talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
N    01:37  Gamehelpshogipik‎‎ 2 changes history +5,013 [Pikrass‎ (2×)]
01:37 (cur | prev) 0 Pikrass talk contribs (Moved the special rules at the end, fixed a typo) Tag: Visual edit
01:34 (cur | prev) +5,013 Pikrass talk contribs (Summary of rules for Shogi)

29 September 2023

N    16:13  Gamehelpframework‎‎ 2 changes history +1,503 [Hulb‎ (2×)]
16:13 (cur | prev) −1 Hulb talk contribs
16:13 (cur | prev) +1,504 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===Overview=== Be the first to place all your tokens on the frame tiles in your display ===Turn=== One player takes the bag and drawers players+1 number of tiles (so 5 in a 4 player game) That player then selects one tile from those on offer and adds it orthogonally adjacent to those in their display In clockwise order, the other players do the same When it comes to the final tile, the bag drawer takes this one too Then the bag is passed on for a new bag drawer...")
N    14:49  Gamehelpdogpark‎‎ 6 changes history +2,789 [Hulb‎ (6×)]
14:49 (cur | prev) +394 Hulb talk contribs
14:33 (cur | prev) +351 Hulb talk contribs
14:24 (cur | prev) +463 Hulb talk contribs
14:07 (cur | prev) +794 Hulb talk contribs
14:00 (cur | prev) +751 Hulb talk contribs
13:40 (cur | prev) +36 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===Overview=== Played over 4 Rounds")
     12:39  Gamehelpkingdomino diffhist −2 VenthTheTenth talk contribs (Remove stray letter added by AmassGamesYouTube.) Tag: Undo
     02:32  Gamehelpcubirds diffhist +6 NIS3R talk contribs (→‎End of the game) Tag: Visual edit

28 September 2023

N    21:23  Gamehelpmastersofrenaissance diffhist +2,854 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===Overview=== Be the first to reach the end of the faith track OR have 7 development cards ===Turn=== On your turn, pick one action: Take Resources Buy Development Activate Production ===Take Resources=== Choose a column or row in the market and take all the depicted resources After which, take the spare marble and push it on the row/column you picked to change that row/column If you gain Faith Points, you move your marker on the Faith track rather than gain...")
N    20:37  Gamehelpskyteam‎‎ 2 changes history +3,416 [Hulb‎ (2×)]
20:37 (cur | prev) +1,297 Hulb talk contribs
19:47 (cur | prev) +2,119 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===Overview=== This is a co-operative game played over 7 rounds ===Strategy Discussion=== Except for mentioning dice values, players can use this phase to talk openly about strategy After this phase, communication is not allowed ===Dice Phase=== Each player secretly rolls their 4 dice Starting with the start player, take turns placing a die in empty spots Spots may be blue, orange, or blue/orange, you can only place dice in spots which match your colour (blue p...")
N    19:04  Gamehelpwolfandsheeps‎‎ 2 changes history +1,061 [Jonathan2004‎ (2×)]
19:04 (cur | prev) +89 Jonathan2004 talk contribs (Add setup image) Tag: Visual edit
19:01 (cur | prev) +972 Jonathan2004 talk contribs (Add wiki for game ready for Alpha)
     19:03 Upload log Jonathan2004 talk contribs uploaded File:Starting position.png
N    18:34  Gamehelpthreethousandscoundrels diffhist +4,450 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===Overview=== The games ends after 2 rounds / 8 turns (short) or 3 rounds / 12 turns (long) ===Turn=== A Player's turn consists of the following: Plan Abilities Scoundrel OR Sheriff ===Plan=== Pick a card from your hand and place it on a slot If the card you played matches the slot, this is a normal play If the card you played does NOT match the slot, this is a bluff Either way, no one but you knows what you played Generally speaking, if you make one bluff...")
     17:49  Gamehelpknarr diffhist −30 Thoun talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
N    17:37  Gamehelptholos‎‎ 2 changes history +1,102 [Hulb‎ (2×)]
17:37 (cur | prev) 0 Hulb talk contribs
17:37 (cur | prev) +1,102 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===overview=== The game ends after all 7 columns have been constructed ===Turn=== On your turn, you have two options You can take stones, either 3 of yours, 2 of the neutrals, or 1 of your opponent's, from the supply into your reserve (which can hold up to 3 stones) Alternatively, the player can place a stone from their reserve into a temple column A column can have a maximum of 5 stones on it Each temple column has a bonus action a player can take IF they suppli...")
     16:11  Gamehelpwizardsgrimoire‎‎ 2 changes history −95 [Kevan‎ (2×)]
16:11 (cur | prev) −80 Kevan talk contribs (backwards explanation)
16:00 (cur | prev) −15 Kevan talk contribs (neither game nor rules use the word "visible" for a castable spell)
     14:23  Gamehelpsparts diffhist −3,218 Sammy McSam talk contribs (Moved strategy tips to Tips_Sparts, visual cards)
N    14:23  Tips sparts diffhist +3,434 Sammy McSam talk contribs (Strategy tips from GamehelpSparts)
 m   00:50  Gamehelpinnovationalpha‎‎ 2 changes history +6 [Pitdood‎ (2×)]
00:50 (cur | prev) +5 Pitdood talk contribs (→‎Changes to 4th edition (Ultimate) [update this after the alpha]) Tag: Visual edit
00:31 (cur | prev) +1 Pitdood talk contribs Tag: Visual edit

27 September 2023

     21:37  Gamehelpevergreen diffhist +616 Orthologist talk contribs (removing run-on sentences, rewording to make everything clearer, especially the 4 possible actions) Tag: Visual edit: Switched
     20:24  Gamehelpmoonriver diffhist +78 Tim lonely meeple talk contribs (→‎Game End) Tag: Visual edit
     17:08  Gamehelpwizardsgrimoire diffhist +59 Kevan talk contribs (fix up bullets and headings)

26 September 2023

 m   22:20  Tips sevenwondersarchitects diffhist +672 Superflyjake talk contribs (Some additional tips from a 276-EOS player.) Tag: Visual edit
     15:48  Gamehelpsobektwoplayers‎‎ 3 changes history +2,486 [Hulb‎ (3×)]
15:48 (cur | prev) +1,877 Hulb talk contribs
15:28 (cur | prev) +239 Hulb talk contribs
15:25 (cur | prev) +370 Hulb talk contribs
     03:11  Gamehelpdigupadventure diffhist +161 Ryjaz talk contribs (→‎Game Play: Corrected rules for idols. See Tag: Visual edit

25 September 2023

N    19:14  Tips heat diffhist +2,889 Magnus3740 talk contribs (Discarding tips from Asger)
     10:53  Gamehelpcubirds‎‎ 2 changes history −47 [Fermax‎ (2×)]
10:53 (cur | prev) +1 Fermax talk contribs (→‎End of the game: Formatting fix) Tag: Visual edit
10:52 (cur | prev) −48 Fermax talk contribs (→‎End of the game: Improve the explanation of winning sets) Tag: Visual edit: Switched

24 September 2023

     08:47  Gamehelpbamboozle diffhist +874 Darkfinale talk contribs (→‎Overview: BGA username: @darkfinale. Feel free to message! I have also updated the rules for 15 Days.) Tag: Visual edit