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Each player places animals in their two farms, red and blue, over 10 rounds to gain the most points.


During a round, dice (equal to the number of players +1) are rolled. On your turn pick a die and move a farmer meeple clockwise that number of spaces and collect the two animals depicted on the space that you land on. If you move the red farmer, you place the animals on your red farm. If you move the blue farmer, you place the animals on your blue farm.

Farmers may not share the same space. If the number on the chosen die would land you on the other farmer's spot, you land one space farther.

A round ends once each player has placed two animals. With the remaining die, rotate the top wheel clockwise the number of spaces equal to the die value.


You have the option to spend milk to change the number on the die to be a lower or higher number. Each player starts with 3 milk cartons and any milk remaining by the end of the game is 1 point each.



1 point per milk remaining


Aim to have an equal number of animals across your farms. Any difference in numbers is minus points. For example if you have 12 animals on your red farm and 8 animals on your blue farm, you will get -4 points.


Some animals are scored per farm:

  • 1 pig = 1 point
  • 2 pigs = 6 points (orthogonally adjacent)
  • 1 sheep = 0 points
  • 2 sheep = 2 points (orthogonally adjacent)
  • 3 sheep = 12 points (orthogonally adjacent)
  • Each chicken = 2 points
  • Cows and calves (orthogonally adjacent) are multiplied, e.g. 2 cows x 4 calves = 8 points. (N.B. Calf tiles have 2 calves on them!), so this example is 2 cow tokens and 2 calf tokens.

Other animals are scored across both farms:

  • Whoever has most horses gets 10 points. The player with the second most gets 6 points (0 points in a 2-player game). In the case of a draw both players get 10 points and second place points do not apply.
  • Forest friends (all other animals) give you 1/4/8/12/18 points per set of unique animals