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This is a co-operative game to beat the Queen and fill the garden before she catches up and beheads you all!


On your turn, pick a tile to place on the grid.

This new tile will then be filled with player cubes. For each player, those cubes show how many adjacent tiles can combine with the new tile to match the player's secret card. If the new tile does not match either half of a player's secret card, 0 cubes will be placed for that player.

The group then has to make at least one guess, but may make more. However, be warned, if an incorrect guess is made, the Queen races at you at double speed.

If a correct guess is made, and the group chooses to stop, the queen moves at single speed which is equal to the number of flower tokens she holds (starts with 1, but gains an extra each time the team token passes a rabbit space).

For the player(s) who had their card correctly guessed by the others, it has a number on it to show how far your team token will move (Easy cards are pretty short, and Hard cards are pretty long).

Each player whose card was correctly guessed may now take a new card of a difficulty of their choosing.


Green Easy cards are always only two colours, but only ONE member of the team may hold a card of this type at one time. When correctly guessed, this has the potential of 1-2 movement spaces

Blue Medium cards are either two colours OR two shapes. When correctly guessed, this has the potential of 2-3 movement spaces

Red Hard cards are either two colours OR two shapes OR 1 Colour & 1 Shape. When correctly guessed, this has the potential of 4-5 movement spaces