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  • 6 colours of locomotives.
  • Each colour represents a different railway company.
  • Each player is dealt a set supply of 5-10 locomotives, depending on the number of players:
Locomotives supply
3 players 10 locomotives
4 players 8 locomotives
5 players 6 locomotives
6 players 5 locomotives
  • These locomotives represent the player's stock portfolio and are hidden behind their player screen.
  • The rest of the locomotives are placed on the storing boards of respective colours.

Player turn

Build Track

  • The active player takes 1 to 5 locomotives from any one locomotive storing board, and places them on the map.
  • Placement must follow these rules:
    • A new locomotive must be placed adjacent to an already placed locomotive of the same colour.
    • Hexes separated by red/white checkered lines on the board are not considered adjacent and cannot be crossed.
    • Two locomotives of the same colour cannot share the same hex.
    • A rural hex may contain 2 locomotives of different colours, whilst city hexes may only contain a single locomotive.
    • The Eiffel tower hex cannot be occupied.
    • A locomotive cannot be placed in such a way that it would completely "cut off" another colour, unless that colour has already reached at least one city.
  • When each locomotive is placed, it may be worth points for that company:
Points per hex
0 points Rural hex
1 point Beige city
2 points Purple city
3 points Red city
4 points Blue city (Marseille)
  • The value of each company is immediately updated with these points when a train is placed.


  • The active player returns 1 locomotive of one company to a storing board, then receives 1 or 2 locomotives of an another company to put behind their player screen.
  • The returned locomotive(s) must be from a different storing board (company).
  • Locomotives taken and placed behind a player screen represent shares in a company.
  • Depending on the number of players, a player may only have a certain maximum of locomotives.
  • A player is not prevented from taking more, but this will result in a scoring penalty at the end of the game.
'Maximum' locomotives
3 players 20 locomotives
4 players 15 locomotives
5 players 12 locomotives
6 players 10 locomotives

End of Game

  • The game ends immediately when:
    • There are locomotives on only one of the storing boards
    • A locomotive has been placed in Marseille

End Game Scoring

  • Players score Victory Points by multiplying their shares in a company by the value of the company.
    • This is done for each railway company (colour), and these are then totalled together.
  • Any player with more than the maximum number of locomotives also subtracts 20 VP for each extra locomotive above this limit.
  • The player with the most points is the winner.
  • In case of a tie, there are several winners.

Game preferences

  • To make the game more accessible for colourblind players, you can enable the Colour Accessible option to add distinctive patterns to the trains.