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This is a Co-Operative game


The player turn is split into five phases

Draw - Draw new fates until you hold 2

Play - Play one of the two fates to a single card, obeying its ability text

Predict - The passive players MAY vote on what your remaining fate is. If a prediction is made, the next step is Resolve, if prediction is declined the next step is Fade

Resolve - If the prediction was true, the team gains 1 point. If the prediction was false, the team gains 1 doom. Either way, discard your fate.

Fade - Check the arcana cards to see if any fade


A card fades when the number of pips on the fates below it equal or exceed the quantity of moons it displays e.g. a card with 3 moons will fade when the pips equal 3+

First, discard all fates below it back to the bag

Flip it and drop it down to the lower row

Advance Doom by 2 UNLESS a correct prediction occurred this turn

Draw a new card for the empty space

NOTE: Fates played to The Hours move to the card directly to the right of it, which MAY trigger its fading

Game End

If the Doom reaches 7, the players lose!

If the Score reaches 7, the players win!