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Each round, each player is randomly assigned one of the four words in the middle as their target. (Multiple players may be assigned the same target word.) The target word is marked by a small red triangle.

Simultaneously, each player uses their word tiles to make a clue about their target word. Clues must contain at least two word tiles.

After the first word has been selected, a second word must be chosen before clicking on a plus sign to indicate where the new word is to go.

When everyone has finished making their clues, each player then guesses which of the four target words is suggested by the clue.

Each player who guessed correctly gains 1 point, and the author of the clue gains 1 point for each correct guess.

The game ends after a fixed number of rounds:

2 players 4 rounds
3-5 players 6 rounds
6-8 players 4 rounds
9-12 players 2 rounds

Highest score wins. If there is a tie, all of the tied players win together.


The two-player game is played cooperatively. The team earns one point each time a player guesses correctly, and must score at least six points to win. Eight points is a perfect score.

Word tiles

In the physical game, tiles are double-sided and black/white. After each round a player's own tiles are flipped over; after every other round they pass the tiles to the left. The BGA implementation appears to be doing this behind the scenes, but always showing tiles as if they were white.