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Play tricks to get rid of your cards the fastest


First off, deal cards to players into a hand which they cannot rearrange

Each player picks a card from their hand and simultaneously places it in front of them in their Offer Display where cards are played in a landscape orientation

The three combinations in the game are Single (1 card) Set (multiple cards with the same value) and Run (a sequence of ascending unique value cards)

Unless this is the first turn, and so assigned randomly, the first player is the player with the most Trash Penalties

The first player plays a valid combination from their hand (ignoring anything in their Offer Display) as long as the cards are already in sequence within their hand e.g. 4-3-5 is invalid as a run (this is true for Followers too)

Follow players may play a stronger combination (higher values of the same type, or one card longer of any type) from either their hand &/or anyone's Offer Display (Offer Displays do not have any restrictions as to how to take from them) e.g. this allows you to play the invalid 3-5-6 from hand if you had a 4 in your Offer Display

Alternatively, a Follow player may draw a card either from the deck or from someone else's Offer Display and add it anywhere in their hand, after which they add a card from their hand onto their own Offer Display (which can be the same card as just drawn)

If at any point you run out of hand cards, take your Offering Display into your hand and arrange them in an order of your choosing once only

Winning a Trick

If you played a combination and it comes back to you with the same play still visible, you win the trick

In other words, all your opponents took the Draw and Offer action

All played cards are discarded, and the winner starts the next Trick

Round End

A round ends once a player has no cards in hand or Offer Display, be warned that this may not be on their turn if someone else uses their final Offer card and they had no hand cards

Anyone with no cards remaining equally gets no penalty

Anyone with cards in either hand or Offer Display will obtain ranked penalties depending on how many cards others hold e.g. if you are the player with fewest cards remaining, you gain 1 trash, the next lowest quantity of cards will gain that player 2 trash, and so forth. If any rank is tied, the player closest to the player who emptied their hand clockwise is considered to have fewer and thus the better rank e.g. in a Three player game Player A and B tie, Player A is closer to the finishing player, thus gets 1 trash, and player B gets 2 trash.

Start a new round lead by the player with the most Trash

Game End

The game ends when a single player obtains 3/5/7/9 trash in 2/3/4/5 player game

The player with the fewest Trash, wins!

If tied, the player who took the least Trash in the final round, wins!