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Play ghost cards to gain the majority of mansions, or forfeit them to gain powerful psychic assistants.


Ten cards are placed in a line, each one with a random mansion token (yellow for manor, pink for castle) on it. The first nine cards are psychics.

21 cards for each player, with the following distribution: 6 cards worth 1 / 5 cards worth 2 / 4 cards worth 3 / 3 cards worth 4 / 2 cards worth 5 / 1 card worth 6. Even-numbered cards are marked with a bat. Odd-numbered cards are marked with a serpent.

Each player starts with a hand of five cards.

The game is played over 10 rounds, each corresponding to one of the ten cards, left to right.

  • On your turn, play any number of cards from your hand onto your side of that round's card. (Psychic card effects apply instantly.)
  • At the end of your turn, if the total on your side of the value is higher than your opponent, it is your opponent's turn.
  • If it is not the case, you must withdraw from the mansion and your opponent wins it (you do not get your cards back).

At the end of each round:

  • Whoever won the mansion takes the manor/castle token and will start the next round.
  • Whoever withdrew takes that round's psychic card and adds it to their hand, and may play a card face-down to the 10th round card.
  • Each player draws 2 ghost cards.

The 10th round isn't played like the others: instead, players reveal the face-down cards they have set aside there, to see who wins it.

End of Game

  • You win instantly if you get 4 manors (yellow) or 3 castles (pink).
  • If none of the winning conditions are met after the 10th round, the player who won the 10th round wins the game. (If tied, most mansions wins; if still tied, the game ends in a draw.)

Psychic Cards

NOTE: when a Psychic card applies to a group of cards, it includes the cards played beforehand and after that Psychic card.

Level 0

  • You won't have it: Get the psychic card of the round no matter what.
  • Auntie, Are You There?: Search your deck for any ghost card and immediately put it into play.
  • Reveal Yourself!: Works as a ghost card worth 1. Also you can look at opponent's hand until the end of the round.
  • Lady in White: Works as a ghost card worth 2.
  • Sir Nicholas: Works as a ghost card worth 3.
  • Tripped: The next card played by your opponent is randomly drawn from their hand.
  • Postponed Wedding: Works as a ghost card worth 3 but can only be played in the last round.
  • Acro-bats: All your even-numbered cards are +1 for this round.
  • Ghosssssst: All your odd-numbered cards are +1 for this round.

Level 1

  • Poltergeist: Name a value. All cards of that value are +2 for this round.
  • Be Gone!: Discard a card in play from the opponent.
  • You Don't Scare Me: All opponent's 1 and 2 are not counted for this round.
  • Now or Never: Works as a ghost card worth 4. However, it will be worth -2 in the last round.
  • Two's More Fun: Opponent cannot play cards 1 by 1 for this round.

Level 2

  • Still Me: If you win this round, you can transfer a card in play to the next round.
  • Double Vision: Copy a ghost card in this round.
  • Wraith to the Bottom: Name a value. Opponent's cards of that value are -2 (min 0) for this round.
  • I'll Be Back: Return a card in a previous round to your deck.
  • Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: Put the first card in your deck to play.

Level 3

  • Let's Meet at the End: Choose a player to return a random card in the 10th round to their hand.
  • Bloody Mary: Works as a ghost card worth 6. However, you must discard 2 ghost cards from your hand.
  • Playing Dead: You immediately lose this round. However, you can take back a card played in this round.
  • Ghostly Goldfish: Works as 2 ghost cards worth 1.
  • Private Lounge, Ghost Only: Opponent cannot play any psychic cards in this round.

Level 4

  • They Were Never Seen Again: Name 2 values. Nobody can play ghost cards of these 2 values until the end of the round.
  • I Pity the Ghoul!: Name a value. All ghost cards of that value are +3 for this round.
  • Creepy Lull: The round ends immediately with a tie. The mansion is transferred to the next round. The psychic card is discarded.
  • House Swap: Switch 2 mansions from the following rounds.
  • We're Worthless: All other cards are now worth 1 and lose their effects.