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Be the Youngest at game end


Play a card in a number of ways

You can play a number card on an opponent adjacent to you if the number is one higher than either number they have, e.g. if they are 37 you can either play a 4 or an 8 for 47 or 38 respectively

You can play a special card (including 0) to trigger some effect

If you can't do either of the above, you have to make yourself older but this increase can be by as much as you wish (it isn't limited by a single value like against opponents) In this way, you can choose to play a card facedown and consider it a 9

If you have no possible play, skip your turn until end of round

After you end your go, draw back up to 4 cards (Note, you may start your turn with less than 4 cards if you played a special on someone else's turn)

Round End

There are two round end triggers

If the deck runs out, round ends

If you exceed 90, at the start of each turn reveal a card from the deck, if this number added to your age is greater than 99 then the round ends

However the round ended, log each player's age as their current score

Game End

At the end of the third round, the youngest player wins!