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Takara Island is a game of exploration and treasure hunting. Your team of explorers seeks to recover the two Stones of Legend buried deep within the six excavation sites. Along the way, you will find treasure, gain experience points, and fight monsters. But you are not alone! There are also four specialists who can help, but their help comes at a price...


On your turn, you may, in this order, 1) Optionally rent the sword for 3 coins. 2) Perform an Adventurer Action (see below) with each adventurer on your team. 3) Optionally Recruit and/or buy adventurers back from the hospital. You start the game with 2 adventurers on your team. Once per game, you may pay 5 coins to recruit a third adventurer from the beach. At the end of each turn, any adventurers who have been put in the hospital can be brought back to your team for 2 coins each. If you do not choose to pay this fee, they will spend their next turn in the waiting area of the hospital, before rejoining your team for free on the following turn.


Each adventurer on your team may do ONE of the following. Except where indicated in bold, any number of your team may choose the same action in the same turn.

1) Dig up the top card from any site.

2) Survey the top 3 cards from any site. Not if it has a Monster. You will gain 2 coins if you find a Rockfall, which is automatically revealed. If you find any Monsters, you may choose to reveal them all for 2 coins per monster. Note: You cannot survey if a monster is on top of the stack. Also, you cannot see past a rockfall by yourself.

3) Destroy a rockfall. This requires two adventurers to take the "destroy rockfall" action. The rockfall must already be visible (on top of its pile and revealed). You gain 2 coins per visible rockfall, including the one being removed.

4) Go to the Dive. You gain 1 coin. Rarely the best option.

5) Go to the Counter. You may sell an XP token for 5 coins / xp point on it. If available, you may buy a 2XP token for 5 coins. There are only 6 of these per game. Only one "go to the counter" action may be taken per turn.

6) Hire a Specialist. Each specialist has a cost in coins that must be paid up-front when hiring them. After you hire a specialist, their card stays on top of your player mat for the next turn as well. This has two effects; firstly, nobody else can hire the same specialist until after your next turn. Secondly, you cannot hire any specialist on your next turn. Note: the Archaeologist and Seer are not affected by Rockfalls, and can see past them. The Miner can dig through everything except monsters. Only one "hire a specialist" action may be taken per two turns.

7) Fight a Monster. The monster must be visible at the top of its pile. You must have rented the sword this turn. Roll the 6-sided die to fight. 4 sides are sword (do 1 damage). 2 sides are a wound (fight stops, you go to hospital). Any damage done to the monster remains and is cumulative towards the next fight. If you deal the final damage point to the monster, you take the full indicated XP and coin rewards, regardless of who dealt the damage.


The game ends immediately when the second Stone of Legend is found. If both are found by one player, that player wins. If each is found by a different player, they count as 10XP each. Then the winner is determined based on total XP. Note: each set of 5 coins counts as 1XP towards the final scoring.

If 5 excavation site piles are completely exhausted and only 1 Stone of Legend has been found, then the game ends, the Stone is worthless, and the winner is determined by XP + (coins)/5 as above.

If 4 excavation sites are completely exhausted and no Stone of Legend has been found, then the game ends and "everybody loses."


There are 6 sites, each with a pile of 9 cards: on the bottom, 3 deep galleries, then 3 intermediate galleries, then 3 surface galleries.

These 54 cards are the same every time, but are shuffled randomly within each layer.

18 surface galleries: 8 2-coin cards, 4 Rockfall cards, 2 1XP cards, 2 1XP+wound cards, 2 Monster cards.

18 intermediate galleries: 7 4-coin cards, 1 Rockfall cards, 3 2XP cards, 3 2XP+wound cards, 3 Monster cards, 1 Chest card.

18 deep gallereis: 3 6-coin cards, 3 4XP cards, 4 4XP+wound cards, 3 monster cards, 3 Chest cards, 2 Stones of Legend.