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Obtain the fewest points each round.

Set up

Deal six cards face-down to each player and form two rows and three columns.

Game play

Each player flips two of their face-down cards.

The starting player is to the dealer's next player.

One each turn, you may do one of the following:

  • - Draw a card from the face-down deck and either replace a card on your board or discard the drawn card.
  • - Take the card on the discard pile and replace any card on your board, or

The round ends when someone has six face-up cards in their board. Everyone else gets one more turn, after which they must turn over any remaining face-down cards on their board.


Aces are worth one point. Twos are minus two points. 3-10 cards are the face value of the card. Jacks and Queens are ten points. Kings are worth nothing.

Add up all the values of face-up cards. Any column or row having the same cards cancels their scores and becomes zero.


K 6 K

4 6 2

The column of two 6s cancel out to zero. The two Kings are worth zero. The player scores +4 for the four of diamonds, and -2 for the two of clubs. Their final score is 2.

The winner of the round has the fewest points.

After the last of the rounds, the player with the fewest cumulative points from previous rounds is the winner.


Four cards: Play as you would with six-cards, but only reveal the two flipped cards to yourself. When players replace a card on their board with a newly drawn card, they are placed face-down. The round ends when someone closes the round. Everyone else gets one more turn.

Nine cards: Play as you would with six-cards, but reveal three instead of two cards. Any three cards in any direction cancel their score.

Power cards: When discarding a Jack you may peek at one of your face-down cards. When discardin a Queen, at one of your opponent's face-down cards. When discarding a King you may swap any two cards.