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Game Rules

In Sevens, all of the cards are dealt out evenly(or as close to evenly) to each player. The sevens of each suit are played on the board before play starts. Then each player takes turns playing cards or passing. Only cards that come immediately next to a played card are legal to play. For example, if a player attempts to play the 5 of diamonds before the 6 of diamonds the game will not allow the move to be made. If a player is unable to make a valid move, then they are forced to pass. When a player runs out of passes, the remainder of their cards are played on the board and they receive the next lowest amount of points. Still, players are only allowed to play cards if there is a direct path back to seven.


The goal of the game is to be the first player to play all of your cards, without running out of passes. Points are awarded for the order and way in which players finish. If you are the first player to play all of your cards without running out of passes, you will be awarded the most points. If you are the first to go out as a result of running out of passes you will receive the least amount of points.


Currently, there is one variation for this game that involves one deck of cards. This is recommended for 4 to 5 players. The base version of the game uses two decks. In order to play cards in this version, there must be an equal number of cards all the way back to seven. This means that if a player tries to play the second 5 of diamonds, there must also be two 6 of diamonds and two 7 of diamonds played.