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Score the most points by moving your blocks from your quarry to your sled, to a boat, and finally to a location board.


  • Determine start player.
    • They start with two blocks of their colour on their sled.
  • Each other player starts with one more block on their sled than the player before them in turn order.
  • Place the 5 location boards in the centre of the table, each either on A side or B side.
    • With expansion C or D sides also available. You can play with a mix of letters.
  • Place 4 boats for the first round based on first boat card.

Game Play

  • Game plays over 6 rounds.
  • On your turn you take one action, and then play passes clockwise.


Fill Sled

Add 3 blocks from your quarry to your sled. If your sled has 1 or 2 spaces, fill it. You cannot take this action if your sled is full.

Add to a Boat

Place 1 block from your sled to any open spot on an unsailed boat.

Sail a Boat

Choose a boat which has enough blocks on it (the number of small cube icons at the bow). It does not matter if you have any blocks on it or not. You choose which unvisited location you want it to go to. Then all blocks unload into that location, in order from front of the boat to back.

Play an Action Card

(blue card): Do what the card says. Then the card is used up. Unused action cards are worth 1 point at end of game.



(A): Each block in turn claims a card from the market and go back to quarry supply.


(A): Blocks gain the points they land on. Place blocks into the grid, filling columns from top to bottom, starting with the leftmost column. Once the base is completed you build the second level (4 blocks total) then the capstone. All extra blocks after that score 1 point each.


(A): Blocks build from left to right. Once the row is filled, go back to the left and stack on top of the previously placed blocks. At the end of each round, score 1 point per block of yours that is visible when looking down on the temple.

Burial Chamber

(A): Place blocks into the grid, filling columns from top to bottom, starting with the leftmost column. At end of game each player scores for their groups of connected blocks.


(A): Each player has their own obelisk (stack of their own blocks). At end of game score based on player count and relative height of obelisks - but an obelisk of height 0 always scores 0. In case of a tie, the tied players average the scores.


Cards are gained from the Market.

Blue cards

Provide a one-off action. Unused action cards are worth 1 point.

Green cards

End game points as indicated.

Purple cards

Statues: score at end of game according to the number collected.

Red cards

Immediate effects that happen and are then discarded.


Wrath of the Pharaoh

Any player who has not delivered at least 1 stone to each of the four building sites by the end of the game must have 5 points deducted from their score.