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Goal :

Obtain all elements (colors) or have the most victory points at the end of the game

How to play :

The game takes place in three rounds, with each round players can obtain the domains visible at the top of the three piles on the table. The players place one of their cards face down in front of each three domains. Once all the cards are placed, they are revealed and each domains is won by the player who put the best card in front of it. The domains won are placed face up in front of the players, there values are the victory points. The cards that have been played are left aside on the table face up (each card is therefore played only once, so the 9 cards will be used during the game). If a player has all 4 elements present on his domains, he wins the game immediately, otherwise the next round can begin.

If neither player gets all the elements, the player with the most points at the end of the third round wins.

Game mechanics :

Cards and combat :

When two cards fight each other the higher value card wins. Base card combat values range from 0 to 5. (the 0 has a special ability that allows it to win against the 5)

In case of equality in combat values:

- if they are two identical cards: no one obtains the domain, it is removed from the game.

- otherwise, ties are first broken by combat bonuses (effect of special cards), if a card has a greater combat bonus it wins the ties. Then if there is no combat bonus (or equal bonuses), then the ties are broken by the symbols of the special cards, the "+" win the ties and the "-" lose the ties.


There are 4 elements (colors) present on the domains. If a player posses domains that present all 4 elements, he immediately wins the game.

Domains that display a purple element half must both be obtained in order for their owner to obtain the purple element

(In the extremely rare case where the two players manage to both obtain the 4 elements at the same turn, the game continues and elements are ignored)

Specials cards:

Specials cards powers are writen on them (or show on tooltips for BGA // BGA card visual will be improved in the futur)

Specials cards powers :

1-: This card increases the strength of adjacent cards by +1 (or by +2 if only one card is adjacent)

1+: This card increases the strength of the next card played in the same slot by +2

2-: If this card wins its fight, its owner can exchange one of his lands for one of his opponent's lands. (this effect acts before a color win is verified)

2+: This card increases the strength of the next card played in the same slot by +1

3-: If this card wins his fight, its owner can exchange one of his cards in hand for one of the cards he has already used.

3+: If this card wins its fight with an advantage of 2 or more, its owner gains 7 Victory Points

4-: This card loses against the base card "1" as well as against the card "*"

4+: This card reduces the strength of the next card played at the same location by -1 (if played on the third turn this card has -2 in strength)

*: This card wins against base cards "3", "4", "5" (as well as card 4-), but loses against other cards (force modifiers do not count).

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