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A game of Mind Up! plays in 3 rounds, each being played over several turns. Each turn, you compete with the other players to obtain the cards in the center of the table. Guess what your opponents will play, choose the right number from your hand so that you can place your card next to the card you want to take!

The card deck is made of 60 cards, from 1 to 60, with 12 cards in each of the 5 colors.


The game is divided in 3 rounds.

At the beginning of a round, each player receives 7 cards (or 8/9 in the 2nd/3rd round). The order of set of scoring cards (1 to 5 yellow cards) is randomly selected and is the same for each player. Finally, as many cards as players are revealed, serving as the first prizes.

Each turn, there are X revealed prize cards on the table, for X players. Players simultaneously select a card from their hand and reveal them. Whoever played the lowest card gains the lowest prize card, then whoever played the 2nd lowest gains the 2nd lowest prize card, and so on in ascending order.

The prize card you gain is placed in your scoring row.

- If there already are cards of the same color in your scoring row, the new card is added to the column containing that color.

- If there aren't any card of the same color in your scoring row, the new card is added to the leftmost empty column.

Note : The first card you get will always be placed in the leftmost column.

The cards which have been played during this turn become the prize cards for the following turn.

The round ends when players only have 1 card left in their hand. That card is added to their scoring row, following placement rules.

End of round and Scoring

At the end of a round, each card in your scoring row grants you as many points as the number on the scoring card at the top of its column.

Then, the bonus (yellow bubbles on your scored cards) and malus (red bubbles) are added or substracted to your score.

At the end of the 1st and 2nd round, the scoring rows are reset for the next round. Players receive new cards (8 or 9 depending on the round). The starting prize cards are the played cards during the last turn of the previous round.

The player with the highest total is the winner. In case of a tie, the winner is the player who scored the most points in the last round.

Variant: Bonus Objectives

At the start of each round, a Bonus Objective card is randomly revealed. When scoring points, if the scored cards meet the indicated condition, the bonus or malus of this objective card is added (or substracted) from your score. A new Objective card is then revealed for the following round.

Depending on setup choices, there can be multiple objective cards per round, up to 5 per round.

If you play with 3+ objective cards, they are not changed between rounds.

Effects of Objective cards

A : +2 if you have 1 or 3 orange cards

A : -2 if your orange cards are the scoring column of value 1 or 2

B : +2 if you have 2 or 4 blue cards

B : +2 if blue is the color you have the most cards of (or if blue is tied)

C : -2 if you are the player with the least pink cards (or are tied for the least pink cards)

C : +2 if you are the player with the most pink cards (or are tied for the most pink cards)

D : +2 if there are no card on the right of your green cards

D : +2 if your green cards are the scoring column of value 4 or 5

E : +2 if you have more purple cards than orange cards (or the same number)

E : -2 if you are the player with the most purple cards (or are tied for the most purple cards)

F : +2 if you have cards in all 5 colors

F : +2 if you have exactly 3 colors

G : -2 if you have at least one color with exactly 3 cards

G : +2 if you have at least one color with exactly 4 cards