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  • 14 marbles per player are placed on a 6 size hexagonal board. Black moves first.
  • On your turn, each player may move either a marble or a column of marbles one space in any direction.
  • If the move is in-line, marbles are moved as a column into free space. If the move is side-step, they are moved sideways.
  • When a player's column faces an adjacent opponent's column with fewer marbles and it is not sandwiched (sumito), they can push one marble 1 space. They may choose to push two if the column has 3 marbles.
  • At any turn, no more than 3 of your marbles can move. So any column larger than 3 is not in a sumito.
  • Marbles pushed out of the rim are captured and are not in play.

End of the Game

  • The player who first pushes 6 opponent marbles off the board wins.


  • Setup: Two extra different setups, named Belgian Daisy and German Daisy, are available.