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Be the first to place all of your Towers or have the most Towers out when the game ends. Each turn, you will select an assistant, which will define turn order, then you will manage assistants and move Mother Nature between the floating islands.


A round starts with each player selecting one of their remaining assistants. Then, players take their turn in ascending order, as defined by the values on the selected assistants.

A turn is divided into:

  1. Move 3 students to either your dining room or an Island
  2. Move Mother nature and check for a new majority
  3. Choose a cloud tile and take 3 new students

Moving Students

You must choose 3 students from your entrance. For each one, you must move it into your dining room or on an Island of your choice.

When placing students in your dining room, if you now have strictly more students of that color than any other player, you take the corresponding professor token. If you tie with the player currently having the professor, you do not get them.

Moving Mother Nature

You must move the Mother Nature token, clockwise, between one Island and your maximum movement this turn. Your maximum movement is given on the assistant card you played at the beginning of the round.

When Mother Nature ends its movement, you then check whoever hold the majority in that Island. Players count the number of students on that Island that match the color of professors they control. If towers are already placed on that Island, the owner of the tower adds 1 to the count per tower on the Island.

If there is a tie between majorities, nothing happens.

If the player who holds the majority already had a tower on that Island, nothing happens.

If the player who hold majority did not have towers there:

  • if there were no towers, they add one tower from their supply onto the Island
  • if there were opposing towers, they replace each opposing tower by one of their own, from their supply. The opposing towers are returned to their owner's supply.

After building a tower, you then check the two neighbors Islands. For each neighbor, iIf they also have one of your towers, they get united, creating a singler larger Island. (Note: it means the total number of Islands decreases during the game).

Attract new students

Finally, you take all 3 students from one of the remaining cloud platforms. Those studetns get placed in your entrance, so that you always end your turn with 7 students in your entrance.

Once every one has played their turn, a new round starts with new cloud plateforms and assistant selection.

Game end

The game can ends in one of 3 ways:

  • If a player places their last tower. That players immediatly wins the game.
  • If there are only 3 groups of Islands, the game ends immediatly.
  • If players run out of assistant cards or if the last student is drawn from the bag, the game ends at the end of that round.

The player who has built the most towers wins the game. Ties go toward the player controlling the most professors.

3-player game

Players have 6 towers instead of 8. There are 9 students in your entrance, you move 4 students each turn, and there are 4 students per cloud platforms.

4-player game

The game is played with 2 teams of 2 competing against each other. The amount of communication between players of the same team is up to you.

Players on the same team share the same towers, but they each have their own dining room. On your turn, you cannot move your students to your teammate's dining room. Professors are controlled by whoever has the most corresponding students, regardless of teams.

When checking for the control of an Island, you add up your influence with your teammate's.

Expert variant

3 characters are randomly selected at the beginning of the game. You also each start with a coin.

Each time you place a student in your dining room, in a spot showing a coin symbol (3rd/6th/9th student of a color), you take a coin from the supply.

During your turn, only once per turn, you can pay the cost of a character to activate its ability. For each activation, that character's cost is increased by 1 coin.