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Go Goa is a roll-and-write game about visiting locations in beautiful Goa, India. Players have 12 days to tour Goa, using 3 dice to determine the direction, distance, and deviation(s) of their path each turn.


All players are given 2 tour plans which are easier, but only score 20 or 30 points each. All players are also given 2 tour plans which are harder, but score 40 points each.

All players simultaneously choose any 2 of these 4 tour plans to use as personal goals for the game. The remaining tour plans are discarded.

Players are allowed to choose tour plans which share a destination, if they wish.

Gameplay for starting player

Each day, 3 dice are rolled. All players use the same dice values.

Each day begins with the starting player. At the end of the day, the player to the left of the current starting player becomes the new starting player.

The starting player must assign the 3 dice to the following 3 purposes:

  • Direction (as shown by the compass on the map, e.g. 2 moves up and to the right).
  • Distance (in number of hexes).
  • Deviation (1, 2, or 3 allow the path to turn once. 4, 5, or 6 allow the path to turn twice.).

The starting player must then draw a path as described below.

Gameplay for other players

The starting player's actions are secret, except for which die they used for direction. This die is reserved -- other players may not use it for direction, but they may use it for distance or deviation.

Aside from this restriction, all other players take their turns simultaneously, using the same rules as the starting player. They choose dice for direction, distance, and deviation, and they draw a path accordingly.

Drawing paths

A path must move the exact distance determined by the distance die. A path must start in the direction determined by the direction die, unless a deviation is used.

Hexes in the current direction are highlighted in blue. The player may click any of these hexes to start or continue drawing a path.

If the player clicks the final hex, they can end their turn. If they click somewhere in the middle, they will be given the chance to use a deviation. Hexes that use a deviation are highlighted in gray.

If a player wants to use a deviation before drawing any distance at all, they can click the "Use Deviation" button at the top.

Players may use 1 or 2 deviations per day. Each deviation allows the player to start drawing in any new direction.

Special cases while drawing

If a path would move off the map, the player continues drawing in the opposite direction, bouncing off the edge.

If a non-starting player cannot choose a direction die without immediately bumping into edges on both sides, they are allowed to use the reserved die for direction.

If they would still immediately bump into edges on both sides, they are allowed to choose any die for direction, but assign whatever value they wish.

Visited destinations

If a player ends a path on an unvisited destination, the player marks off that destination. It will count for scoring purposes.

If one or both of the player's tour plans includes this destination, the player marks off the corresponding destination(s) on those tour plan(s).

If a newly visited destination has a local guide (Palolem, Colva, Calangute), the player circles that guide on their Local Guide panel.

Local guides

If a player has circled but unmarked local guides, the player may cross off one or more of of them before choosing dice. Each guide crossed off like this modifies a die value by -1 or +1. Players can change a 1 to a 6 or vice versa if they wish.

This dice modification only affects the player hiring the local guide(s). Other players still use the normal dice values.

All players may find and hire the same local guides separately. For example, one player hiring the Colva local guide does not prevent other players from doing the same.

Try to gain at least 2 guides as they help you minimise empty turns.


Visited destinations score 10 points each.

Visiting Dudhsagar Falls scores 20 points as a bonus.

Finished tour plans score the points shown on them.

Each set of 5 unique visited destinations scores 30 points.

Visiting 3 destinations of the same type scores 10 points.

Visiting 6 destinations of the same type scores 30 points instead.

End of Game

The game ends after 12 days are completed. The player with the most points wins.

If there is a tie, the player with the fewest beaches visited wins.

If there is still a tie, players share the victory.