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Move your boat, please customers, and construct buildings to have the most points over 2 Eras


At the start of your turn, you may choose to spend Divine Favor in order to change your dice value by 1 up or down, your sun value is how much divine favor you have whilst your moon value is the maximum you can currently hold

After which, you can take an action between: Build, Sail, or Deliver

Thirdly, if able you're allowed to claim Masteries, these are shared goals with the first person to complete them gaining more points than later claimants. You can claim as many Masteries as you currently satisfy, but can only claim each unique Mastery once.

Finally, roll your dice in preparation for next turn

Note: You can only hold 25 Koku and 6 copies of each trade good at any one point


Pick an empty shore space which matches the icon on the dice

Pay the Koku cost displayed there, if you cannot pay it then you cannot build there

Take a building tile of your choice and add it to the space, if you take the tile at the end of the row then you get a bonus of 1 Divine Favor

Place one of your Clan Markers on it and move your Influence marker for the corresponding region the number of spaces depicted on the building bonus

Gain any rewards from the influence track if you pass or land on them

Add a new tile into the building row and slide all the others along, if this was the last tile from Era 1 then it will trigger Emperor's Visit (see below)


Pick a single ship of yours and move it downriver by the value of your dice

Each river space is connected to 4 building spaces

Gain the rewards shown of the point, an empty space always gives 1 Koku, whilst the built structures have various rewards

The owners of any buildings you just gathered from also gain the reward shown on the flat end of the tile, furthest from the river, if you own a building you gathered from you gain both rewards

If the owner reward is Influence, it is the track associated with the region the building is based at

If your ship just reached the end of the river, gain either 3 Koku or 1 Trade Good, discard the building tile at the end of the building row (This may cause an Emperor's Visit), then put the ship back at the start of the river and complete any further movement points you still have


Pick a card in your hand which has a dice symbol matching the dice you hold

Discard the Trade Goods in its request area (Dark banner under name)

If you can't satisfy either of these first two steps, then you cannot take this action

Place the card in your playing area

A Tick reward is gained immediately

A cycled reward is an ongoing benefit

A cup reward is an end game effect

Draw 2 new cards, then discard 1 from your hand (which can be an old one or one just drawn)

Emperor's Visit

When the last building tile from Era I is moved into the available supply for the first time, this triggers a Visit after the current player has finished their turn

All players gain the ownership reward of their buildings the same way as if a ship had visited

After which, place the Era 2 deck into play and continue

Game End

This is triggered similar to the Emperor's Visit, but when Era 2 deck is depleted

The player who triggered it scores 5 points, then each other player gets a bonus turn

Score each Influence region by rank, 1st ahead, 2nd ahead, and 3rd ahead where applicable, if you are not on a track you cannot score a rank. If tied, the tied players add their ranks together and divide evenly, with the excess points ignored.

Customers have two scoring parts

First, score customers simply by how many you obtained

Secondly, score customers with any end game scoring conditions

Add to this any Mastery rewards obtained during the game

The player with the most points, wins!

If tied, the player with the most remaining Divine Favor wins!