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Discard a card, then draw two cards.

To perform: Highlight the card you wish to discard, then click the "Haggle" button.


Play cards valuing at least the cost of the card to acquire and gain a card from a gallery or bank. The played cards and acquired card will be added to your discard pile at the end of your turn. Note any card in a pile can be acquired, not just the bottommost one. Also note that you can't use two actions to buy two cards from the same gallery/bank.

To perform: Highlight all of the cards you wish to play and the card you wish to acquire, then click the "Acquire" button.


Play cards valuing at least the cost of the exhibition, then place a painting in one of the galleries.

To perform: Highlight the Painting card to exhibit and select a matching or wild invitation marker, then click the "Exhibit" button. You will then need to choose cards to pay for the exhibition.

Special Gold cards

Many Gold cards have special abilities. To use these abilities, click on the card's ability description. Using a Gold card's special ability will permanently remove it from your deck.

  • 1 (Coin) May be used as 3 towards the purchase of a painting (not a gold).
  • 2 (Treasure) May be used as 4 towards the purchase of a painting (not a gold).
  • 3 (Fancy Noble) May be used as 8 towards the purchase of one or two paintings from a single Gallery.
  • 3 (Prosperity) May be used as 8 towards exhibiting one painting.
  • 3 (Seeds of Wealth) May be used as 8 towards the purchase of a value 5 coin (which costs exactly 8).
  • 5 (Treasure) Has no special ability.

The Market Rating Board

Every time you make a purchase or exhibit a painting, the Market Rating of the appropriate genre (or gold, if gold was purchased) goes up by the amount listed to the right of the price.

The Market Rating of a painting determines how much it is worth when used as payment during the game, as well as how many VP each painting of that genre is worth at the end of the game (if it is still in your hand and not in a museum).

The Market Rating of gold has no effect during the game, but determines how many gold it takes to yield one VP at the end of the game (counting only the value of the gold cards still in your hand, not those that have been used for their special abilities).

The exact effect of the Market Rating is given by a table which can be seen by mousing over the current values, which are at the top of the board.

End of game

The game ends when one of these conditions has been met:

  • 12 or more Painting cards are on display in the Museum.
  • The Painting deck is empty.
  • A Market Rating (Painting or Gold) has reached 70 or higher.

If one of the end-of-game conditions has been met, finish the round so everyone has had the same number of turns in the game.

Then, some of the bonus tiles in the Museum are scored:

  • If all of an Exhibition's invitation markers have been used, then the bonus tile above that Exhibiton is scored.
  • If no Exhibition has used all of its invitation markers, then the bonus tile above all Exhibitions with the most paintings are scored.