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Le Dernier Peuple (The Last Folks)

  • In this game, you personify a people.
  • Each player has a "home" card which of their colour. You play cards to move your 2 meeples around the cards's circle and gain points.


Reach 12 points.

A turn

Power Cards Phase (optional)

  • You can use a power card (those cards are collected on pickaxes).
  • Each card has a unique effect - read it by hovering the card in your hand with your mouse.
  • See section below for more details on each specific power card.

Movement Phase

You have to chose between:

  1. drawing 2 movement cards; OR
  2. use 1 movement card then draw 1 movement card.

A grey downward arrow allows you to move your meeple; a black upward arrow allows you to move any opponent's meeple. Each arrow gives 2 possibilities:

  1. moving a meeple by the number indicated in the circle
    (positive = clockwise; negative = counterclockwise); OR
  2. moving a meeple toward the card with the number indicated in the square.
  • Some movement cards have 2 small numbers next to the big circled number.
  • The big number X is always the addition of the 2 small numbers Y and +/- 1 : X=Y+1 or X=Y-1.
  • It means that, by using this card, you'll first move the meeple by Y cards, then see if an event (attack or supply) occurs.
    • If yes, solve the event, and redeploy the involved meeples normally. If no event occurs, move the meeple once more.
  • If your meeple ends up on a card with a pickaxe, you draw a power card (purple outline).
  • You gain points by surrounding any "home" card with your 2 meeples or with 1 of your meeples and one opponent's meeples.

Resolving attacks and supplies


If a player surrounds their own "home" card with their 2 meeples, they gets 2 points.

Noble Attack

If a player surrounds another player's "home" card with their 2 meeples, they win 3 points, and the attacked enemy loses 1 point.

Sneaky attack

If a home card is surrounded by a meeple of the active player and another player's meeple, the active player gets 2 points, the other meeple's owner gets 1 point, and the attacked player loses 1 point.


  • If an attack or a supply has been made, then both meeples involved will be redeployed.
  • The meeple of the active player gets redeployed first; then the other meeple (of the same player, or of another player).
  • A movement card is drawn, and the meeple is moved toward the card with the number indicated in the square. Same process for the second meeple.

Basically, on BGA, this will mean the 2 meeples will be teleported randomly to some card on the board.

Power Card Details

(Card names may not match BGA exactly since Google translate used:

Played on your turn during Power Card phase

Win 2 VPs from the bank.
Win 1 VP from the bank.
Steal 1 VP from the player of your choice.
Steal a card at random from the hand of the player of your choice.
The player of your choice returns 1 VP to the bank.
Black Magic
Randomly select from a card from an opponent's hand and discard the card without applying the effect.
Trade your hand of cards with the player of your choice.
Play 2 consecutive rounds.
The player of your choice must skip their next turn.
Swap one of your pawns with another pawn of the player of your choice. (Do not resolve the possible actions generated by this new configuration.)
Draw 1 movement card and 1 power card and add them to your hand.

Played out of turn in response to an attack or power card (except Swap)

You do not suffer the effect and the attackers do not earn VPs. Moreover, in case of attack countered attackers pawns are still re-positioned.