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Winning the Game

After a player has bought their 4th building, each other player will get one last turn. At that point, the players total up the Victory Points from all of their buildings and add any bonuses from their Special Ability, and the highest total wins! In the event of a tie, the tied player with the most buildings win. If still tied, the one with the most resources amongst the tied players wins. The other players may now grumble, make excuses, and ask for a rematch.


Move your pawn

On your turn, you must move your pawn to a vacant building. This can be a building you own (such as the Starting Building on your Player board), a building at the top, or one owned by another player (under each player's board). You must move your pawn to a different building each turn.

Take building action

You must take the entire Action described on the bottom of the building to the best of your ability. When you gain or lose goods, you should see this updated on your player board. If you need to select a good, you should see it highlighted with a red box. You may not drop below zero or have more than 6 or any good. You can still take an action that would cause you to have more than 6, you will just not gain the excess. You cannot take an action that would reduce you below zero of a good.

Paying a toll

If you use another player's building (including their Standing Building) you must pay them a toll of one good of your choice.

Building symbol benefits

Coins reduce the cost of a building by $1 whenever a player buys buildings (Coins are cumulative).
Anchors are used to gain extra benefits from certain buildings (Anchors are cumulative).
Top Hats allow a player to use buildings owned by other players without paying the toll.
Warehouses allow a player to keep one shipped good for each warehouse they own. They are also used to gain benefits from certain buildings.

Buying a Building and Shipping Goods

To buy a building, you must ship goods to pay for it. Taking a "buy a building" action is the only time you may ship goods, and you must first meet the minimum requirements for shipping them - indicated by the Market Board.
For example, if the Stone marker is on the "4" space of the market, you need at least 4 Stone in your warehouse to ship it.
You will click on each good you wish to sell and you will gain the corresponding money to spend on buying a building. Excess money is not held and all goods of a type are sold even if they exceed the requirement. The market will then adjust itself based on the goods sold.
Next, you select the building you wish to buy and it will be added to your player board.