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Each card has their own scoring condition.

From left to right:-

1) Any two dice. Immediate effect: The players to your left and right must freeze one Active card of their choice, if possible.

2) At least 2 dice. The selected values must form a straight. You can use up to 6 dice.

3) 4 dice. Create 2 pairs of dice showing different values.

4) At least 1 die. The die you select must have an odd value: 1, 3, or 5. Takes up to 6 dice.

5) Must use all 6 dice. Values must be between 1-5. 6s are not allowed.


1) Reroll dice - re-roll as many dice as you want by freezing a card. Freezing a card = flipping it upside down. You will not be able to score it this round. All cards will be unfrozen when you skip a turn.

2) Score a card - All cards score the sum of all dice. BGA will display on bottom of cards what you will score if you choose that particular card with your current dice composition. No score = you don't yet meet the scoring condition of that card. (i.e. one or more of your dice is a 6 for Card #5)

3) Skip turn - Skipping a turn will allow you to flip all your frozen card back over and you will be able to score them again in subsequent rounds. Note that all other players will also be granted a single card flip too.

Game End

Game ends when 1 player scored 100+. Other players finish the current round.