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The game lasts 4 rounds, in which you take tricks and try to score the most prestige points

The deck is made up of the following

Deck: - 32 Blue (16 normal, 10 Flip deck , 6 Broken Skate) - 24 Yellow (12 normal, 12 Broken Skate) - 36 Red (12 normal, 22 Pick card, 2 Broken Skate) - 28 Green (10 normal, 12 Play again, 6 Broken Skate)


On your turn, you can either Perform or Stop

If you Stop, you validate your sequence, check if any Legendary cards have their criteria met, discard any Helmets, and place all these cards in a pile ready for scoring. If the Legendary Card does NOT meet its criteria, it is discarded.

If you Perform, choose a card from either your hand or the top of one of 2 trick piles and add it to your sequence, always continuing from left to right. If you now have 3 Broken Board symbols, you fall. If you have 3 cards of the same colour, you fall.

If you Perform and do NOT Fall, play now passes to the next player after resolving any new card effects.

If you Perform and DO Fall, discard your sequence and gain a helmet token.

Round End

The round ends when there is one active player, either due to the other players taking a Fall or choosing to Stop. That player has to take the Stop action for their turn, in addition they gain a Legendary Trick card into their hand then they begin the new round.

Legendary Tricks are a mix of colour and colourless, so some may contribute to the 3 colours Fall and some may not.

Helmet Tokens

If you have helmet tokens, you may play ONE per round

This goes onto the most recent card, and allows you to ignore its colour. This means that this color will no longer cause you to Fall. (for this round).

Note that Helmets do NOT protect against Broken Boards

Card Effects

Some cards have additional effects on them, these can be:

Draw a card into your hand

Turn the top card of a draw pile face up

Take another turn

Game End

The game ends at the end of the 4th round. This round works similar to previous round ends, except the final player adds the legendary card to their scoring pile rather than their hand.

All players add up all Prestige on cards in their scoring pile plus 2 points per unused helmet

The player(s) with the most points, wins!