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  • The game is played on a 13*13 board (It appears to be a 17*17 board).
  • There is a king scepter center.
  • Each player places their 9 checkers on their first two rows.


  • On your turn, move a piece according to its own rules.
  • You can capture opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. You can capture multiple times in a turn.
  • If you can capture, you must capture.


  • All checkers start as basic. They can move one space diagonally forward, unless capturing.
  • A checker becomes a king when it reaches the middle of the board (the scepter). Kings can move one space diagonally in any direction.
  • A checker becomes a queen when it reaches the last row on the opposite side. Queens can move any number of spaces diagonally along a line.

End of the Game

  • A player is eliminated if they have no checkers.
  • A player wins if they are the last one standing.
  • If all players agree, the game can end in a stalemate.

Special Notes

Kings do not become Queens if they reach the last row. Checkers can only be EITHER a King or Queen when they reach the appropriate space.