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After 4 rounds have the most points

Each game uses a specific module, so the rules which follow are just the basic rules, then refer to the module specific rules for adjustments

Round Phases

Each round is split into three phases:

Choice Phase

Planning Phase

Production Phase

Choice Phase

In each turn, one player Offers and the other Selects, then roles are reversed

Two random cards are displayed in the offer area to start things off

The Offer player chooses two cards from their hand and adds them to one or both of the displays (i.e. now either both have 2 cards or one has 1 and the other 3)

The Select player picks a group of cards and takes them all into their Selection area (NOT their hand)

Now there will be an empty space, the new Offer player can choose to add a card to both stacks or just to one and in doing so may choose to leave a stack empty

Likewise, the Select player may choose to "take" the empty stack if it exists

When both players have emptied their hands and finished that turn, the phase ends

Discard any remaining cards from the display

Trap Tokens: Each round you have 2 trap tokens which allow you to play a card facedown when you are the Offer player, after which no one may look at this card even when it is selected it remains facedown until later

Planning Phase

If you selected any facedown cards, these can now be revealed

For each individual card you gained, you can pick one of two options out of Construct or Recycle (i.e. some cards may be Recycled whilst others are Constructed)

Treasure cards can ONLY be Recycled, likewise Calamity cards can ONLY be Constructed

If you Construct a card, put it into your Under Construction Area

If you Recycle a card, discard it and take the depicted resources (Top Right) and either add them to a card Under Construction or add them to your Alchemy

If adding resources to a card Under Construction completes it, it will now be able to produce for you this round

Once both players have decided what to do with all their cards, the phase ends

Production Phase

Each resource is produced in sequence and independently, first the white Materials, then the purple Population, then the yellow Gold, and finally the blue Exploration

First count the quantity of that resource shown in both your Dutchy and completed Constructions

Second, whoever produced the most of the current resource either collect a Soldier from your Training area OR if none are there gain a soldier to your training area

Finally, take the resources you produced and assign them either to Cards Under Construction or to your Alchemy

The cost of a card is shown in the Top Left

Note: Resources previously assigned can't be moved around

If this completes a card Under Construction, discard all resources on it, gain the completion benefit, then add it to your Dutchy

Note: You can complete multiple cards with the same name

Repeat the above until all resource types have been actioned at which point start a new round and swap turn order

Special Features

The Alchemy is a place you've been storing resources, once there are 5 there, trade them for a red Krystallium (wild resource) which can be used at any time

Note: Some cards REQUIRE Krystallium specifically, and also some require Soldiers

At any time, you can also scrap a card under construction if you no longer want to complete it, you gain its Recycling bonus as if you chose to originally Recycle it, however any resources previously assigned to the card are discarded

Game End

The game ends at the end of the 4th round

Add up all unconditional points

Gain points for conditions e.g. 2 points per card X

LOSE points for Calamities

The player with the most points wins!

If tied, the player who constructed the most cards wins!

If still tied, the player with the most soldiers wins!


The above is the basic rules for the game, however in each game you will pick a module and incorporate its specific ruleset

Menace Module

Each player takes on a Menace deck, for your first game its recommended to use Frost Giants vs Giant Rats

Choice Phase - Instead of having a Calamity card, you have Menace card from your specific deck

Planning Phase - Menace cards affect the player who took them (so you might be affected by your own menace!)

Combat Phase - this is a new 4th phase, you may spend soldiers to get rid of a menace based on its cost, if you do not then it will remain with you and cause issues for you next round too

End Game - Undefeated Menaces still in your area will cause you to lose points

Advisors Module

Start with one advisor chosen out of two

Remove all Treasure and replace it with remaining Advisors

Gain 2 Soldiers each to start

Choice Phase - Advisors can be offered as normal, and if selected they go into your Advisors area and gain you 1 Soldier

In the phase they apply, you can activate each Advisor ONCE per round

Quest Module

Take a random quest card and place it where all can reach it

This will have a number of stages with costs and benefits

You can pay the cost and put one of your markers on the space to show you completed it

The stages do NOT have to be completed in order (or at all)

Game End - in order to be eligible to win, you MUST have completed the final stage, remember stages don't have to be completed in sequence, so you could just complete the final stage

If both players failed to complete the final stage of the quest, NO ONE wins

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