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Welcome to Mythic Battles: Ragnarok.

Enter the battlegrounds of ancient norse mythology, pitting your Divinity's army against another.

In Mythic Battles: Ragnarök, Skirmish Mode provides a direct and tactical gameplay experience focused on combat and strategic unit management. Here's an overview of the basic rules, starting with the win conditions:

How to Win

  1. Defeat a Divinity: The game ends immediately if you manage to slay an opponent's divinity (either a God or Titan).
  2. Absorb Divine Stones: Alternatively, you win if your divinity absorbs a total of four divine stones.

Game Setup

  1. Choose a Board: Agree on a game board to use.
  2. Determine Lead Player: Each player rolls a die; the highest roll chooses who begins.
  3. Recruit Your Army: Using Recruitment Points (RP), players draft their army, including gods, heroes, monsters, and troops, based on the number of players:
    • 2 players: 18 RP each
  4. Set Up the Battlefield (In BGA Battlefields are set up for you): miniatures, divine stones, and any other game components are arranged according to the selected board/battleground.

Playing the Game

  1. Each turn consists of:
    • Start of Turn: Draw 1 card from your deck. Optionally, pass your turn to draw an additional card.
    • Activate a Unit: Discard 1 activation card to activate a unit and carry out actions.
    • Perform Actions: Units can perform either two simple actions (walk, attack, claim) or one complex action (run, deploy, absorb, ascend).
    • End of Turn: Decide whether to use an Art of War card to activate another unit or to perform a troop recall.


  • Simple Actions:
    • Walk: Move up to the unit's movement value in areas.
    • Attack: Engage an enemy unit within range and line of sight.
    • Claim: Take a divine stone in the same area.
  • Complex Actions:
    • Run: Increase movement by +1 and move.
    • Deploy: Place a new unit on the battlefield in your deployment zone.
    • Absorb: Divinity absorbs a divine stone they're carrying.
    • Ascend: Move into a Rock terrain area from an adjacent area.

Managing Cards

  • Activation Cards: Used to activate units. Each unit has a specific number of these cards.
  • Art of War Cards: Versatile cards that can be used for additional activations, drawing cards, or executing special actions.

Deck Management

  • When your deck runs out, shuffle your discard pile to create a new deck. Incorporate strategic use of your cards to maintain control over your army's abilities and actions.

Strategy Tips

  • Balance the activation of your units to manage resources efficiently.
  • Use Art of War cards strategically for crucial activations or to draw more cards.
  • Position your units to take advantage of terrain and to protect your divinity while targeting your opponent's divinity and securing divine stones.