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  • Both players have 5 pawns, 4 students and 1 master.
  • The master starts on the temple arch.
  • 2 students start on each side of the master.
  • Shuffle the 16 move cards and deal 2 to each player face up as their starting hand.
  • Put another card in the middle.
  • Remove the remaining 11 move cards from the game.


  • The player with the same colour as the stamp in the middle goes first.
  • On your turn, do these two actions in order:
1. Move
2. Exchange

  • If you can make a legal move, you must make it.
  • If you can't make a legal move, you must skip moving and still exchange.



  • Choose one of the two move cards in your hand.
  • Then, choose a pawn and move it as shown on the card.
    • The square grid illustrates the possible moves.
  • The black square in the middle represents the space your chosen pawn occupies.
    • The coloured spaces show where your pawn can move in relation to its starting position.
    • You can move your pawn to any one of the spaces indicated.
  • Other pawns and temple arches don't block the movement of the pawn across the board.
  • You can never make a move that would cause a pawn to move off the board or move onto the same square as one of your own pawns.


  • If your pawn moves onto a square that is occupied by one of your opponent's pawns, the opponent's pawn is immediately captured and removed from the game.
    • Moving over or through a square occupied by an opponent's piece does not capture it.


  • Add the move card in the middle to your hand.
    • You may use it starting from the next turn.
  • Take the move card you just used and place it in the middle facing your opponent.
    • If you couldn't move, you can choose either of the two cards in your hand.


  • There are two ways to win:
    1. Capture your opponent's master pawn.
    2. Move your master pawn to your opponent's temple arch space.