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To reach your goal, you will have to draw, steal or fetch Travel cards and play them in front of you in descending order from your starting city Khalla #13 to the Oasis #0. Beware traveler, you’re not the only one looking for this Eden ! Be efficient and mindful to keep others in check and control the game ! You can increase your chances of finding the Oasis first by recruiting powerful Companions and getting essential equipments.

During your turn, you must choose only one of the five possible actions :

Explore : Draw 2 cards.

Recycle : Take 1 card from the Ruins.

Travel : Play any number of Travel cards.

Recruit : Play 1 Companion card from your hand or take 1 Companion card from the lair.

Equip : Discard X cards to take 1 Equipment of cost X.

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