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In the beginning, all birds are white.
To make birds more colorful, the creator plant a rainbow tree, which grows fruits of seven colors.
When a bird eats the fruit, the color of the fruit will show on its plumage.
Surprised and excited, the birds crave to become the most prismatic bird.
And now, a color competition among the birds starts...


On the back of each fruit card, there’s a feather that is the same color as the fruit.
The aim is to gain 7 colors of feathers by trading fruits. The one who collects all the color the fastest is the winner.


First, take number (N+1) of each color of fruit when there are N players. For example, In a 2-player game, take only number 1, 2, and 3 of each color; in a 3-player game, take number 1, 2, 3, and 4, and so on.
Next, shuffle the cards and deal 3 cards to each player as their staring hands.
Finally, form a deck with the remaining cards, and reveal 7 cards from the deck to form a fruit circle.

Game Flow

The game starts whoever has eaten fruit lately (or randomly choose one to start).
In each player’s turn, they should follow the Rules of Fruittrading to trade their card with either the circle or the deck.
The game continues in a clockwise order, until someone collects feathers of 7 colors.

  • Fruittrading: Choose 1 card from your hand and place it between any 2 cards in the circle. Calculate the difference between the 2 cards.

1. If the difference equals the number of the card you play, you can take the 2 cards from the circle.
2. Otherwise you can only take 1 card from the deck bottom.

  • Note

1. The hand size limit is 7. When a player has 8 cards, they should return a card to any part of the circle, without calculating the difference nor taking cards from the circle or the deck. When choosing which card to return, they must give preference to a card from multiple cards of the same color. For example, if a player have 2 reds, 1 orange, 2 greens,1 blue, 1 indigo, and 1 violet, they must pick either 1 red or 1 green card to return to the circle, without taking any card back.

2. If there is only 1 card in the circle, reveal 6 cards from the deck and place them randomly to the circle.

3. The game ends earlier when the deck is empty, and the player with the most colorful feathers wins. If there are two or more players holding the same amount of colors, compare the amount of fruits they have. The one with the largest amount of fruits is the winner. (If players have 8 cards when the game ends, they should still return the a card to the circle before deciding who’s the winner.)


  • Greedy Crow

  Crows are the greediest birds among all kinds of aves. They care about nothing but eating any kind of fruits as soon as they see one, neglecting to keep the colors balanced. The price of greed is a pure black outfit.

Add all the crow cards to the deck during setting. The crow card doesn’t count as a feather, so it is not possible to win by having 6 feathers of different colors and a crow card. You can only get rid of the crow by trading it with the circle (not the deck). The number of the crow is 0, so according to the Rules of Fruit-traiding, you must place it between where the difference is 0 (as the following illustration shows) to get 2 cards of the same number back. If you have 8 cards while holding the crow, you should follow the rules of the NOTE, choose a card that’s not a crow, and return the card to the circle.

  • Showdown!

Players reveal their cards throughout the game, revealing the cards they have in front of them, with the fruit side face-up.

Additional Information

  • 《AVES》 is a family game published by Play With Us Design (玩聚設計), If you are interested in AVES, please feel free to follow us.
  • Play With Us Design (玩聚設計) official Website:
  • Play With Us Design (玩聚設計) LinkTree:

 Play With Us Design (玩聚設計)