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Across a number of different board shapes, use dice to place numbers from smallest at the base to highest at the peak


First off, the active player rolls all exploration dice and the action die

Then all players share the dice to add the numbers into boxes of their choosing, following the placement rules further down

The action die is then resolved by the next active player, which may add an extra dice to the pool, remove a die from the pool, either add or remove, or swap a die in the pool from one in the reserve

Number Placement Rules

1) Each box can contain a single number

2) Dice results can be used on their own or added together to make greater numbers

3) Each dice can only be used once, regardless if used on its own or combined with others

4) You don't have to use a dice if you don't want, and can even opt to use none of the rolled dice!

5) Boxes with dots can contain any number

6) Boxes without dots can be used if the 2 boxes supporting it below have a number in each, and each of those numbers is less than or equal to the number you wish to enter

7) Hanging boxes without dots, i.e. ones without supporting boxes below them, can contain any number as long as an adjacent box on that line has a number in it

Action Die Particulars

Before resolving the action die, check for the following statements, in this order, beforehand:

If the pool contains 5 dice, regardless of the action die result, the remove 1 die result is in effect

Otherwise, if no one wrote a number, regardless of the action die result, the add 1 die result is in effect

If the pool contains 1 die, regardless of the action die result, the add 1 die result is in effect

If none of the above is true, resolve the action die as it displays

Game End

The game ends immediately on the turn in which a player(s) completes the entire structure with numbers, this means there may be multiple winners

Rounds Mode

Pick a number of games to play in full, and at the end of each, instead of winning, score 1 point per empty box, at the end of the designated number of games, the player with the lowest points wins

To enhance this mode, play 6 games where each game is played on a different board

Reverse Mode

In this mode, instead of building to large numbers at the top, start with the big at the base and have the small at the top (This can be combined with Rounds Mode if desired)

Warning: Note that in this mode all size rules, both general and board specific, will be reversed