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Push your luck to try to get three of a kind


On your turn, you have two choices

You can take one card from a deck, still facedown, pick a discard pile for it, then flip it when its on that discard pile

Alternatively, you can take two cards from two separate decks, still facedown, pick two different discard piles for each of them, then flip them when they are on the discard pile

The back of a card shows two icons, one of these icons is present on the front and the other is not

After revealing the card(s), there are two outcomes: Jackpot or No Jackpot


If the three discards now display all the same symbol, this is a Jackpot, and you can choose between Cashing Out or going for the Mega Jackpot

If you Cash Out, take the three cards and place them in the appropriate numerical spaces on your personal board

If you attempt the Mega Jackpot, first pick a Money Tray to place the three cards into then reveal a Mega Jackpot tile. If it is a Monkey, you leave the cards in the Money Tray and end your turn. If it is the 3rd Monkey, you also discard all cards from the previously chosen Money Tray from the game then shuffle up the Mega Jackpot tiles. If it is the Genie, gain all the cards in the Money Tray you previously chose.

No Jackpot

You can choose to do nothing and end your turn

You can Pay to spin again, to do so pick a card you hold on your personal board and place it in a Money Tray of your choice, then take another go either spinning once or twice as detailed previously

If you result in No Jackpot multiple times on the same turn, each pay to spin must be of a card that has a value higher than the previous e.g. if you pay to spin with a 1 first, then pay to spin with a 3 second time, you cannot pay to spin with a 1/2/3 on the 3rd attempt

If you cannot pay to spin, or wish not to pay to spin anymore, you can opt to end your turn

Game End

If a player attempts the Mega Jackpot, and wins 3 Genies from it, they instantly win!

Otherwise, when one of the 3 Reel decks is depleted, finish the current player's turn, then the player with the most points, wins!