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Each tile is one of four colors (four elements). Each tile has arrows in the same four colors. The aim is to places tiles so the arrows correctly point to tiles in matching colors -- without having too many incomplete


On your turn, take a tile and place it in your area abutting pre-existing ones in whichever orientation you wish

If there's only one tile left, you can choose to take it or put it into Intermezzo and take the one at the top of the draw deck

Stack "sound discs" on the new tile equal to the number of arrows it displays. If you do not have enough sound discs, the remaining must be made up of "cacophony discs" (which are bad and cost negative 2 points)

An arrow is fulfilled when it points to a tile of the same color as itself (this doesn't have to be adjacent directly, just in that required line of sight). When this happens, a sound disc moves onto the arrow to show it is fulfilled. If all the arrows on a tile are now covered, this tile is complete and now scores. Take back all the Discs from it and flip it.

Check if Intermezzo is now full or not (4 tiles). If Intermezzo is full, each player can take one tile from those available. Players get to claim tiles in reverse order of "harmony" score. If no one takes anything, all are discarded.

After this, check the Offer Display, if there are 0 tiles, refill with 5, otherwise they stay as they are

Game End

The game ends when someone reaches or exceeds 75/60/45 points in a 2/3/4 player game

Keep going until all players have had an equal number of turns

Whoever has the most points after this wins

If there's a tie, the player who reached that many points first (i.e. is lower in the stack) wins