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This game has been designed and sold in aid of Accessijeux, a French non-profit organization dedicated to making board games accessible to visually impaired players.


Have the most acorns by the end of the 20th round or once someone reaches 61 or more in the leaf row.

Round structure

3 dice are rolled at the start of each round. You will then allocate the dice as follows:

  1. Choose a general area corresponding to the value of one die.
  2. Write the value of another dice in one of the spots in this area.
  3. Add the value of the leftover dice to the previous total in the leftmost free spot in the leaf row.

If you have no valid spot to use any dice value in your general areas, you skip the steps 1 and 2 and simply choose any of the dice for step 3.

Area effects

If you are the first player to fill an entire area, you also get a 3 bonus acorns (multiple players can score the bonus if they trigger it during the same round).

1 Pumpkins (pair)

You can write any dice value in the first spot of each pumpkin. The second spot needs to be filled with the same value as the first. You don't have to finish the first pumpkin before starting the second.

Each pair grants 3 acorns.

2 Waterlilies (different)

You have to fill the waterlilies in order (top left to bottom right in clockwise order). Each value must be different from all the previous ones.

Each filled waterlily grants the amount of acorns shown under it (1/1/2/2/3).

3 Marshmallows (equal)

You can write any dice value in the first spot of each marshmallow skewer. The rest of the marshmallows in that skewer needs to be filled with the same value. You can start with any skewer and don't have finish one before starting the other.

Skewers grant 3 or 5 acorns.

4 Hot Chocolate Mugs (unique)

Each hot chocolate mug can be filled once with its corresponding value.

Each mug grants 1 acorn (except for the 4th mug which grants 2 acorns).

5 Fox Burrows (pyramid)

You can start to fill the pyramid with any burrow on the lower row. Spots on the middle and top row only become available if both spots underneath them have been filled. You can't use the same value on adjacent burrows.

Burrows from the lower rows grant 1 acorn each, 2 acorns each for the middle row and 4 acorns for the topmost burrow.

6 Mushrooms (sequence)

You have to fill the mushrooms in order (top left to bottom right in clockwise order). Each new dice value must be either +1 or -1 from the previous value (jumping between 1 and 6 is also allowed).

Each filled mushroom grants the amount of acorns shown under it (1/2/2/2/3).

Leaf Row (round counter)

Each round, you'll add your leftover dice value to the previous value in the leaf row (starting from 0 in the first round). Leaves are filled from left to right.

If your new total is equal to one of the values of the left column (11/21/31/41/51/61), you get the corresponding bonus, either acorns or a wild X.

X can be used as a wild value in any valid spot in one of the 6 areas, granting the acorns as if you had filled the spot as usual. If used on a mushroom, the next mushroom can be filled with any value.

Game End

If someone reaches a value of 61 or more in the leaf row, the game ends after this round. Alternatively, the game ends after the 20th round.

Earned acorns are then tallied per area (including the bonus for first) and adding the bonus acorns from the leaf row, if you got any.