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You try to collect as many positive points and as few negative points as possible with your tricks. However you don't know which suit will generate positive or negative points in each round.

The game lasts for 5 rounds. Each round there will be a designated number. According to the corresponding number card is played, their suits gain trump, plus, hund, minus, lead effect according to their order.

[fast tutorial]


Start from the start player, each player play exactly 1 card from their hand. You must follow the suit color as the first played in that trick if possible.

After all player played their card, if the trump suit has been designated and any trumps had been played, the player of the highest valued trump win the trick. Otherwise, the player with the highest value of the first played card is the winner of the trick. The player take all cards in the trick.

Designate Suit

Whenever a card matching the value of the currently designation card number, an effect immediately assign to the suit of the effect. These effect are assigned according to the order they are played.

Effects in order:

1. Trump: The suit is trump from now on.

2. Plus: These cards give positive point.

3. Hund: Each player take 3 points except for players who have the most and least cards of this suit.

4. Minus: These cards give negative point.

5. Lead: The player with most lead suit cards decide who will be the lead player in the next round (After all player look at their card in the next round).

2-Player Rule

The game setup like in a 3-Player game with a virtual player.

Half of the virtual player's hand face up on top of the face down cards, from left to right.

Virtual player move like a third player. Rules:

- Always play the leftmost display legal card.

- If there are card(s) of the first played card suit in the virtual player's display, play the leftmost of the suit.

- After a trick ends, if there is a face down card without face up card on top, reveal it.

Custom Options

Use more cards: Use 9/9/12/15 cards of each suit instead of 6/6/8/10 in 2/3/4/5-player mode.

Select designation cards: Use all designation cards corresponding to the card values used in the game instead 1-5. Starting from the second turn player, all players select a suit and a designation card in turn order until 5 sets are chosen. When a card matching a designated set is played, the suit of that card will be assigned to the next available suit power.