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In Forest Shuffle you create a habitat for flora and fauna to thrive. Plant trees and synergize your cards to earn the most points before winter.

Turn Actions

Choose between one of two options:

  1. Draw two cards from the clearing and/or deck and add them to your hand.
    • Your hand limit is 10 cards. You can't take the draw action if you already have 10cards. If you have 9 cards, you may only draw 1 card.
  2. Play one card from your hand: pay its cost by discarding cards from your hand, then place the chosen card in the forest and carry out its effect.
    • Add points from other card effects that are triggered!
    • If your discards cause there to be 10 or more cards in the clearing, all cards in the clearing are removed from the game at the end of the turn.


There are 3 types of cards: Trees, Forest Dwellers and Winter.

TREE CARDS depict a single Tree. To plant a tree in the forest, simply pay its cost. The cost amount shown in the brown rectangle at the top left of the card. To pay it, place an amount of cards equal to the cost from your hand into the clearing.

  • Trees cards provide a slot on each side (top, bottom, left, right) for you to add forest dwellers. Only 1 forest dweller per slot, unless the card says otherwise.
  • Each time you play a tree, a card from the deck is added to the Clearing.
  • Note that ANY card in your hand may be placed face-down in the forest as a TREE SAPLING. These work exactly like a tree but do not belong to a tree species.

FOREST DWELLER CARDS are split. They depict two creatures on them, but only ONE of them may be played. These are the animals, plants and mushrooms that you can add to the forest.

  • To play a forest dweller, select an empty slot on a tree for the desired half of the card, then discard cards from your hand into the clearing equal to the cost of that half.
  • Once a forest dweller is slotted onto a tree, the other half of the card is now hidden. Only the effects of the visible forest dweller may trigger.

Note that some tree and forest dweller cards give you a special bonus effect when you pay for them if ALL of the cards you discard bear the bonus symbol. On split cards, only one half of the card must bear the symbol.

Three WINTER CARDS are shuffled into the last 1/3 of the deck and serve as a timer. When the 3rd winter card is drawn, the game ends immediately! You may not finish your turn.

Game End

In addition to points earned during the course of the game, you now score one point per card you hid in your cave (if any). None of their effects trigger.

The player with the most points wins!