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Manage a dog shelter whilst trying to find homes for the stray dogs you pick up


Starting with the first player, each player picks 1 dog

Then, starting with the last player, each player picks a second dog

After which, all players place their first 2 dogs onto their grid


On your turn, you perform two actions, these can be the same or different

You can take a dog and place it in an open space in your Shelter, after which a new dog is drawn to replace it, if this was your first action this means you may take the dog that was just drawn for your second action

You can take a training card into your hand, after which a new card is drawn to replace it, if this was your first action this means you may take the card that was just drawn for your second action (hand limit is 5)

You can move a dog already in your shelter to an open space orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to it

Training Cards

In addition to your normal turn actions, you can play training cards from your hand if you have completed their requirements

These cards show a configuration shape of dogs it wants the player to make on their board

A beige and a dark bordered dog are single groups of one dog type each, whilst a multi-coloured dog is any dog and a cross in a space means it must be empty

The medallion on the lower right shows how many points the card is worth, whilst the house on the top left shows how many dogs out of those needed to make the patteren will actually get rehomed

Player can Rehome a dog wherever they like, but the different areas have different conditions as to how they might score at end game e.g. the Foster Home gives 1 point per any dog

Game End

Once one player has played their 7th Training card, the round is completed in full and then it ends

Alternatively, if somehow the group manages to run out of dogs or training cards to draw at any point, this triggers end game too

After which, commendations are awarded for meeting certain conditions, multiple players can meet the same conditions if they apply and get the same rewards

From this, add Training and Home points gained

Whoever has the most points wins!

If tied, the player who homed the most dogs wins!