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The game lasts 5 rounds, and each round comprises 3 phases:

  • Build Your Reserve
  • Calculate Your Points
  • Finish the Round


At the beginning of each round, each player draws 3 Animal cards. Then, you simultaneously place one of these cards in front of you, to create and modify your reserve.

Next, you pass the 2 remaining cards to your left neighbor (in rounds 1, 3, and 5) or your right neighbor (in rounds 2 and 4). Repeat this procedure with the 2 cards you just received from your neighbor, and then place the final card.

When you modify your reserve, you must respect the following rules:

  • Each card you place must cover at least one space of your existing reserve (this does not apply to the very first card you place).
  • The entirety of your reserve must fit within a 6-space×6-space area.
  • You are not allowed to tuck a card under cards already in your reserve.


After placing all three cards, everyone scores their points by moving their tokens on the score track. You score points according to the different objective cards that are in effect this round (as indicated by the Round card).

  • Round 1: the blue and green cards.
  • Round 2: the green and yellow cards.
  • Round 3: the blue and red cards.
  • Round 4: the green, yellow and red cards.
  • Round 5: the blue, red and yellow cards.

If there is a tie on a red objective, all of the tied players receive (or lose) the points! If the tie is for 1st place, 2nd place is not awarded.


If this was not the 5th round, advance the Round Counter token to the number of the next round, and start a new round. Don’t forget to flip the round Counter token to know in which direction you should pass your cards this round. Otherwise, this is the end of the game (see other side).


At the end of the 5th round, the player with the most points wins. If it’s a tie, the tied player with the most animals of the same type in their reserve wins.