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  • The deck consists of 60 cards, with 4 of each card from 1-15.
  • Deal each player 10 cards, or 5 cards for short mode.
  • No matter what, the rest of the cards are removed from the game.


  • On your turn, roll 3 dice with 4, 8 and 12 faces.
  • Then you may discard cards. How do you pick the cards to discard? Why won't it let me pick multiple cards that are up to the die total? Why is my only button option to end my turn but it does nothing with cards I highlighted to discard? Cards may only be discarded if the sum of some of the dice are equal to the number on the card.
  • If a die is used to discard cards, pass it to the next player. Otherwise, it is placed in the middle.
  • If there are dice in the middle, they are locked and aren’t rolled for that turn. You still get to use it.
  • If no cards can be played, the next player can choose to keep them locked or reroll all of them.

End of the Game

If a player discards their last card, the game is over and they win!