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Be the first to 40 points

Card Dynamics

In this trick taking game, a few variations need to be noted

Red (Violence) is always the trump suit

The suit of a card is shown on the back, so what suits a player holds is always visible to everyone else

Brown (Spies) are NOT brown on the back, instead have one of the other suit colours to keep them disguised


The first player plays any card they wish, to Lead the trick

All other players must follow suit if possible, or play a red trump or brown spy

If the Leader plays a Brown Spy, the other players do NOT have to follow suit even if they can

If all cards are of the lead suit, or there are no special cards, the player who played the highest lead card wins the trick

If at least one card played is the Red Trump, the highest trump card played wins

If at least one card played is a Brown Spy, this beats a Red Trump, but does NOT beat lead cards i.e. if no other card is red, brown does NOT win

Regardless of how someone wins the trick, they can either take a point token or take a card played that round into their hand, the rest of the played cards are discarded

In addition, whoever played the lowest value card regardless of suit can manipulate the control board (note, this can also be the winner e.g. if you lead with a green 1, and opponent plays yellow 7, you have both won and played the lowest value card)

Manipulating the Control Board

First, Transfer Power by moving a power token between the two points of the cable, the non-allocated wedge is the supply, so either take from the supply to give to the appliance or take from the appliance and put back in the supply. If the cable is between two appliances, and one has no power, there is no choice and you have to transfer from the one with power.

Afterwards, choose one end of the cable and move it to a different socket (either an appliance or the supply wedge)

Each player has a secret agenda card, depicting two appliances, you are trying to have one appliance with the most power and the other with the least. These cards can be orientated as you like when revealed, so it's your choice which you're aiming to have the most and thus which you're aiming to have the least.

You can choose to reveal your agenda at any point in your turn as a free action, this will grant it points at end of round based on cards in hand at that moment (between 5-8) for each correct segment, but you will also have to pick the orientation at that moment too

Alternatively, you can not reveal your agenda during round, and instead reveal and orientate it at end of round. However, you must be correct on BOTH halves to score 14 points, whilst revealing during round you have the option to score points when only one OR both segments are correct.

Round End

The round ends after 8 tricks

Find out which Appliance has the most and least power, ties are shared

The players take the power from their appliance

Hidden Agendas are now revealed, and the owner can choose the orientation

Score Agendas based on when they were revealed and if they were correct

In-Round Agendas score each half separately, scoring 5-8 points as marked when you played them

End-Round Agendas score 14 points if BOTH halves are correct, and 0 if only one or none are correct

Each player with at least 10 power can spend 10 power to get a segment of their statue, this can be done as many times as you have power to spend e.g. if you have 22 power, you can get 2 segments with 2 power to take to next round

Game End

The game ends when a player completes their statue (40 points)

If multiple players do this in the same round, the player with the most excess power remaining wins.