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This is a standard trick-taking game played with a 24-card deck(9-A). There are two stages to each round, and you play to a set number of points based on how many tricks you take in the round.

Calling Trump

After each player is dealt five cards, the top card of the remaining cards in the middle is flipped up. The player to the left of the dealer is then given first choice to decide whether he wants the dealer to pick up that card. If the dealer picks it up, the suit of that card becomes trump. If he decides to pass, play continues to the left, with the same decision being made by each player. If all players (including the dealer) pass, the card in the middle is turned over, and the player to the dealer's left may choose any other suit to become trump without any cards being picked up by the dealer. If he does not have good enough cards to call, he may pass, and play continues to the left until someone calls trump. In standard games, if everyone else passes a second time, the dealer must call trump (called sticking the dealer). There is an option that players can call no trump instead of a particular suit once the middle card is turned over.


The second stage of the round is the actual gameplay. The most difficult part of Euchre is understanding how the jacks work. For whichever suit is called trump, instead of the normal order of priority (Ace high, K,Q,J,10,9), the Jack of trump is the highest card (Right bauer), and the jack of the same color but a different suit is played as trump, and becomes the second highest card (Left bauer). Thus, if hearts is called trump, the order of priority for trump would be J of H, J of D, A of H, K of H, Q of H, 10 of H, 9 of H.

The player to the left of the dealer leads the first trick. Play then continues to the left. Players must follow suit, but if they have no cards of the suit, they may play any card. The highest card in the suit led wins the trick, but if a trump card is played, the highest trump wins the trick instead.


If the team that calls trump wins three tricks, they earn one point. If they win all five tricks, they earn two points. If they do not win three tricks, they have been euchred, and the other team earns two points.

In the trump-calling phase there is an option for a player to call trump and go alone. When this happens, his partner does not play the round, but if he wins all five tricks, he gets four points. Otherwise, scoring is normal. (one point for three tricks, two points to the other team for getting euchred).