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The aim is to solve the code correctly, first, and with the fewest questions asked (Or be the only player not eliminated)


A turn comprises of 4 or 5 stages, and each stage is carried out simultaneously, the stages are:





Verification (Not in all rounds)


In this phase, decide on a number for each colour/shape, a number can be used for multiple shapes e.g. 3 Triangle, 3 Square, 2 Circle


Pick up to 3 of the Verifiers and see how your proposal meets their criteria

Two Important Notes:

Note 1: The Verifiers do NOT each correspond to a colour/shape, i.e. two verifiers may contain criteria towards the same colour/shape, e.g. one verifier may ask if Yellow/Square is even and another verifier may ask if Yellow/Square is larger than the number 3

Note 2: The Correct and Incorrect answer you receive does NOT mean your number is right or wrong, but rather that in relation to the verifier whether your proposal passed their test


After completing verification, take some time to figure out (but not declare) if you have found the answer.


At the end, count to three, then reveal either a thumbs up (think you know the code) or a thumbs down (not sure of the code just yet)

If everyone pointed down, return to Compose Phase

If at least one person pointed up, move to the Verification Phase


The correct code will pass the test of ALL verifiers

If one person is correct, they win!

If more than one person is correct, the person who asked the fewest questions wins!

If no one is correct, they are eliminated!

If the second to last person is eliminated, the final player, even though they did not participate in Verification, will win!



1 card for each verifier.


2 cards for each verifier but only one valid criterion.


You do not know which verifier is associated with which verification card.