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  • Each player is a Senshi, a warrior-monk hoping to become the new Master.
  • Players collect 4 different types of attribute tiles and create Scoring Piles of each type below their player cards.
  • At the end of the game, the player with the shortest Scoring Pile (of any type) is eliminated. The remaining player with the tallest Scoring Pile (of any type) is the winner.

Game Turns

Players may do one of 3 actions on their turn:

  • Study: Take one stack of attributes from the center of the table, and place it on one of the 3 empty spaces on your card. If none of those spaces is empty, you cannot Study.
  • Train: Take the top attribute from any stack (on your card, another player's card, or in the center of the table) into your hand. It is now hidden. You cannot take from the top of a Scoring Pile.
  • Test: Move one attribute from your hand to your Scoring Pile of that type. Then, everyone (including you) can move that attribute type from the tops of their stacks to their Scoring Pile. In the case of several of the same attribute at the top of a stack, only the top attribute can be moved to the Scoring Pile.

Taking the last stack from the middle of the table triggers the end of the game. Every player gets one more turn, and then the game ends.


  • The player(s) with the shortest Scoring Pile are eliminated. But if all players are tied for shortest Scoring Pile, no one is eliminated.
  • Of the remaining players, the player with the tallest Scoring Pile wins.
  • In case of a tie, the tied player with the most tiles in hand wins.
  • In case there is still a tie, the tied player who played last in turn order wins.


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