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Be the first to reach 21 points or more at a round's end, each round consists of 13 turns


The non-dealer starts, after that the winner of one turn will start the next until 13 turns are complete then wins are scored

The one who follows must play a card of the same suit, unless they cannot in which case they can play anything

After which, if odd cards have been played, these have abilities that can now be activated

If suits match, the highest rank wins

If suits do not match, the decree (trump) suit wins first followed by the lead suit

Round End

Once 13 cards have been played, the round ends and winnings are scored by each player

0-3 wins scores 6 points

4 wins scores 1 point

5 wins scores 2 points

6 wins scores 3 points

7-9 wins scores 6 points

10-13 wins scores 0 points

After which, unless someone has scored 21+, a new round begins with a new Decree

You can play a short (16 point win) or long (35 point win) if preferred