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Immerse yourself in the heart of the wilderness,where every decision shapes the delicate balance between survival and sacrifice in this captivating game. Your task?

Navigate the harsh savannah, where each choice carries weight for the fate of the animals. As the game concludes, surviving animals will offer rewards. However, tread cautiously, as rival players lurk with intentions to prey upon the savannah animals, aiming not only to claim their lives but also to snatch the points they represent. Remember, also fallen animals hold significant value, heightening the

stakes of every confrontation. Will you rise as the undisputed ruler of the savannah, triumphing amidst the chaos of the wild?



At the start of each turn, the players must play a card by positioning it on the right side of the Savannah and marking it with one of their tokens.

In the event that a player cannot play any of the three cards in their possession, they must choose an animal to place on the discard pile.

During card placement, players must carefully consider the placement restrictions specified on the right side of each card. For instance, a predator card cannot be placed if the rightmost card is also a predator. These placement restrictions are always counted from the rightmost position on the board.


Each card features hunting actions displayed on the left side, presenting players with the choice of either killing an animal or scaring away the animal in a certain reach. In some cases animals possess special actions. These actions must be followed in the order presented, from top to bottom, during the player's turn.

When you can kill an animal, the player removes the corresponding card from the Savannah and relocates it to their personal kill pile. These cards carry point values equivalent to their level at the conclusion of the game.

If a player scares away an animal, the corresponding cards are placed on the discard pile, effectively removing them from the game entirely. These cards will not contribute to any further gameplay.

Upon killing or scaring away an animal, any tokens placed on the affected cards are returned to the respective players. These tokens are then made available for future use by the players in subsequent turns.

Actions are often specific to a given number of animals on the Savannah, as indicated by the ‘arrow’ icons on the card.

When animals are scared away or killed, the other cards in the line do not immediately shift positions. Instead, all actions must be taken and counted with the Savannah remaining as it was at the start of the turn.


Every turn concludes with the player drawing a card. It is mandatory to maintain a hand of three cards at the end of your turn.


Upon the conclusion of each turn, group all animals belonging to the same group as the animal you have played (as indicated in the placement area of the card). To do this, place animal on the left to join the rightmost animal of the group (the animal you have just played). Once the grouping is established, shift all animals to the left to ensure they form a single line again, maintaining the initial arrangement. This reordering step is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the Savannah layout and ensures consistency throughout the game.


The game reaches its conclusion upon the exhaustion of the card pile. All players are now allowed to discard one last card. All players have at the end of the game still two cards in hand.

1. Survivor Evaluation:

Animals remaining within the Savannah line are deemed survivors, retaining their vitality. Players accrue points based on the card values for the respective animals marked by their tokens.

2. Hand Assessment:

Penalty points are tallied for any cards remaining in players' hands.

3. Maasai Card Penalty:

If the rightmost card is the Maasai (blue) card, the player holding this card incurs 10 penalty points.

4. Kill Pile Calculation:

Aggregate the level points for all animal cards within each player's kill pile.

5. Big Five Bonus:

Upon securing at least one specimen of all five animals of the BIG FIVE in their kill pile, players receive a bonus of 25 points. BIG FIVE animals are marked by an icon. The Big Five consist of Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros.

6. Bonus Points:

Tally all bonus points received during the game (e.g. the special action of the Giraffe)

7. Final Score Determination:

Summate the points accumulated across steps 2 through 5 to establish each player's final score.


In the event of a tie in final scores, the player who has killed the highest number of predators emergesvictorious.