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Dingo and his friends have gotten lost on Walkabout! Visit their dreams to lead them home!

Each turn consists of two steps performed in order:

  1. Walkabout (automatic)
  2. Dreamtime (player action)

Walkabout (Automatic)

A walkabout card is revealed at random from the deck. The tile in the grid (or the extra tile) with the corresponding landscape (border + picture combination) is automatically flipped over, and your animal is revealed in the location.

Dreamtime (Player Action)

You click/tap on one of the positions at the edge of the dreamscape grid. This causes the extra tile to slide into the corresponding row or column, thereby shifting the entire row or column of tiles. A new, different tile emerges from the opposite side, to be used for your next action.


Be the first player to have your animal revealed in all the locations in the grid matching the marks (spirals) in the Dream Card. This earns you one Victory Point. Play is repeated with a reset grid and a new Dream Card every time, until one player achieves the set number of Victory Points (1, 2, 3 or 4), and claims the final victory.

(Also refer to the Deep Sleep variant below)

Game Variants


If hazards are turned on, there's an extra goal in addition to the usual goal, for you to earn a victory card: Your animal should NOT be present in the hazard locations - those corresponding to the brown markers in the Dream Card.


In this difficulty setting, suitable for beginners or very young children, you only need to make your animal appear in five locations in a line - either in a row, in a column or along a diagonal.

Dream Companions

If Dream Companions are turned on, there's an extra companion animal tile provided to each player. This adds an additional challenge to the usual goal: Your companion animal should be present in the central location on the grid before you can earn a victory card.

Deep Sleep

In this variant, play three times. At the end of each play, each player is scored as follows:

  • +1 point per match: Animal on a marked location as in the Dream Card
  • -1 point per match: Animal on a hazard location as in the Dream Card
  • +1 point: Companion positioned in the central location
  • +3 points: Being the first to achieve the goal (considering marks, hazards & companion)

At the end of the third play, the player with the highest total score claims victory!