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The game lasts 16 turns per player


On your turn, do the following:

Choose an Action Tile

Perform One Action

Rotate the Crane

Choose an Action Tile

The action tiles are found in either the red, green, or blue zone, depending on how recently they have been chosen

The tiles have two actions on them, but you only take one out of the pair

All action tile spaces will give a bonus which you can use before or after the tile

If the tile was from the red zone, you must pay to use it

If the tile was from the blue zone, you get points for using it

Perform One Action

Once you've picked your tile, you can take one of the two actions depicted on it

Manage Mines - Either gain 1 gold and progress your gold mines by 1 OR gain gold equal to the quantity of gold mines plus all unlocked mine bonuses

Manage Quarries - Either gain 1 stone and progress your quarries by 1 OR gain stone equal to the quantity of quarries plus all unlocked quarry bonuses

Upgrade - This lets you upgrade an action so it is enhanced in some way when you next select it, it may provide bonuses depending on how you orientate it, it also moves you 1 or 2 spaces on the University track

Construct Wall - To purchase a wall, you must spend the resources shown in the red banner on the tile

Construct Building - To purchase a building, you must be able to spend the resources shown in the red banner on the tile, then it can be placed anywhere in the city where there isn't already a feature (pre-printed or other tile). To the North of the road, the pre-printed red banners depict additional costs to place there, but provide bonus points. If the building has a cube space, place a cube of your colour on it to show it is yours. Every building is next to a Plaza, when the plaza is surrounded, everyone who surrounds it with at least 1 cube gets one of the two rewards, if you have the most cubes around it you get both rewards.

Construct the King's Road - Move one space along the road, and either pay 1 egg to get one bonus or don't pay an egg to get the other (spaces IV and V REQUIRE an egg to proceed)


Various events may cause you to advance on the Technology track

When you pass an icon space, you can take a technology

I & II technologies are ongoing, whilst III & IV technologies are one off (but can be kept and used later)

The Hunger Wall and Vitus Cathedral

Certain effects found on Wall and Building tiles may advance you on these two tracks

Moving sideways just requires the effect

Moving up within a tier requires a payment of 2 Silver Windows (you can only have a supply of 2 at a time, so if you gain more when you have 2, you lose the excess, so remember to spend them, windows can also be spent to buy an extra action)

Moving up to a new tier requires a depicted additional cost

Some spaces give bonuses, such as points or free movement on the track, but the free movement can only be taken if you can also pay the tier change cost if applicable

The first three players to reach the top gain the rewards in order

End of Turn

At the end of your go

Discard down to 2 windows

Rotate the action crane 1 space clockwise

Put your action tile for the turn at the end of the wheel in the red zone

If a tile rotates out of the wheel, place it on the first available green zone space and place a 5 point token on it

Game End

The game ends at the end of the 16th round

Count up the points gained during the game

Unfinished Plazas give lower half bonuses to all who have cubes there

Your technology track scores by multiplying it with scoring opportunities on the University track

The Wall and Cathedral give points for the row you've reached as well as multiplies the column you're on by the corresponding symbol you've collected

For your personal Wall, gain 4 10 or 18 points if you have 3+ 4+ or 6+ sections

Check for any personal scoring opportunities which may have gained on the V road

For leftover eggs, gain 0/3/6/10 points for 0/2/3/4+ eggs

The player with the most points wins!


For those who already know the rules: The following Rules where changed or clarified in agreement with the publisher:

  • if an action is upgraded again, both upgrades are available for that turn, but only one can be used per action
  • if an action tile get's the 5-VP-marker and all spaces in the green area are free it goes to the red area
  • when a plaza is evaluated and other players have to make a decision(like choosing a bonus, selecting a technology), they will not immediately become active. Instead, they will become active in turn order once the current player finishes his turn. If the current player wants to know their decisions before continuing, he/she can decide to wait for them.
  • The market isn't automatically refilled immediately, so that the current player can still undo his moves. He/she can trigger the refill anytime. At the end of a turn it will be filled automatically.
  • Most boni will be given immidiately, because there can be no disadvantage, others(like gold, stone, movements) can be taken manually.