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In this card game inspired by the mysterious Land of the Rising Sun you must work together to use the effects of the cards to your advantage.

But there's always a catch, isn't there?

Unfortunately, you cannot simply reveal the effects of the cards in front of you to the other players.

You may only answer simple yes-no questions, so it will take a lot of teamwork, tactics, memory and precision for you to succeed.


All of the condition cards and the stone cards are randomnly paired. Only the stone card of the pairs is visible to all the players.

In a 3-4 player game, a white stone without a number, a dark stone without a number, and the number 9 stone are removed from the game.

The cards are then shuffled and dealt with only the stone card visible. With 3 players each player receives 4 cards, and with 4-5 players each player receives 3 cards.

Players are not allowed to change the order of the dealt cards.

The player with the number 0 stone starts the game.


During a turn players must switch one of own stones with one of another player's stone according to the own stone's switch condition. Players cannot switch their own two stones.

Players can always look own cards' conditions (including newly received cards from switches), but are not allowed to show or tell them.

However, players are allowed to discuss strategy and future moves and answer as 'yes' or 'no' as long as players do not reveal their condition cards.

After switching stones the turn passes clockwise.

Note: Blank stones are considered as 0 and even number for the conditions, but not for the order. See below.

Game end

If all stones are in numerical order (clockwise or counterclockwise) all players win the game. The stones without numbers do not interrupt the order.

If players fail to arrange stones in order after 24 turns or a player cannot make a switch during their turn, the game ends in defeat.

Advanced mode

In Advance mode, players cannot revert the last turn's switch and cannot speak to each other.

ELO / Rating

BGA Narabi never subtracts players' rating in properly finished games.

When players win the game, ELO as the same as the score is added (For example, finishing the game in 10 turns adds +15 ELO).

Then bonus points are added for 4-5 player games and/or Advanced mode. ELO gain increases +5 per player count which exceeds 3, and Advanced mode adds +5 again.

Player preference options

Open upper right menu from game screen or click 'Options' tab below the game board to access these preference options.

Display condition card list

  • Yes: Displays all condition cards below the game screen. In 3-4 players 3 unused cards will still be on the list.
  • No: Hides condition card list.

Display score card

  • Yes: Displays a score card in the center of the table and a score marker on it.
  • No: Hides score card and score marker.

Condition card font

  • Thematic: Uses a thematic font for condition cards.
  • BGA Default: Uses BGA default fonts.

Semi-transparent invalid choices

  • Yes: When active player chooses an own stone, stones which cannot be switched with that stone will turn semi-transparent.

This does not work in virtual accounts of hotseat mode.

  • No: Display all cards without any transparency.


  • Thematic: Uses a thematic background image.
  • BGA Default: Uses BGA default background image.